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  1. Hi gazumped, This post is different. The links in your post ask for providing "using first line as title" option. I only vote them... as an alternative option. (reply like "vote +1 I need this feature." ) This post is asking for "providing an option to disable title". Please upvote this if anyone need it.
  2. How many of you writing note titles in paper notebook? I don't. I don't need the title feature at all. For most of time, I took note is simply for keeping random thoughts and various programming tips. (short notes) I organize ideas through typing... I will never know the title before I type the article. I organize them by hashtag, folder or global search. I don't need title. I don't like auto-naming the title... This feature interrupts my thought. I want start typing in body, and then using "first line" as reference in the folder view... just like Apple Notes app.
  3. I just brought 1 year evernote plus membership... (like using the tagging feature and taking photos) Then, I imported all my 1,313 notes from apple note to Evernote. But I found iOS app don't support "using first line as title" feature!!! oh my god... I probably will not use this app anymore. It's 2016.
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