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  1. We're coming up on a year since this thread started. What does, "In the works." mean to Evernote exactly?
  2. You've missed my point. The point is that under Refine Your Search > Tags, there should be a search box to locate the tag(s) I want to refine with quickly instead of scrolling through a long linear list of tags.
  3. I have a lot of tags. I have some tags that have spaces. Typing out tag:"Shawn Smith" tag:"Joe Smith" is a pain on a mobile keyboard. How about I use the search button and search a key word. Then click Refine Your Search. Then click Tags. Then click in a search box, enter a few letters and tap the appropriate tag, select the search field, delete few letters and enter other letters to select another tag. Then click filter. As it is, clicking the Refine Your Search> Tags, brings up a linear list of thousands of tags that I have to endlessly scroll through looking for the tags I want to use as a filter. Am I alone, or is it a pain to refine your search by tags in the Android App?
  4. I'm sorry, I didn't realize we were talking about EN for Android. I'm not familiar with that Beta program.
  5. Try enabling the beta features. The grayed out "Title" is replaced by the first line I write (EN for Windows), and if I attach a file, the file name is used as the note title.
  6. I'm surprised the recording still stops when the screen is turned off. This is a HUGE battery suck to record more than a few minutes.
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