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How to convert a note to pdf ?

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I use only Preview 

49.95 USD for Nitro ? no ! (why don't they just tell 50 USD ??)

I have pointed out that also WebCLipper is buggy and now discover that there is no easy way to covert EN to pdf!

As I am using more and more EN, I discover more nuisances.

How does EN compare to Scrivener ?


BTW I found that what I wanted to convert as pdf was a text image. Maybe that is the reason EN did not convert it ?

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49.95 USD for Nitro ? no ! (why don't they just tell 50 USD ??)


Because they can (charge 5 cents shy and trick us).


Anyways... haven't you seen the "Annotate entire note as PDF" feature on Mac, right in the note toolbar?

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Context Clicking inside a Note will give the Save to Pdf option, which I asked for in the first place.

I may insert an image here which I would do if someone reminds me how to do it



Frank should stop mocking and realize that nobody was able to respond my problem - yet it was no high IQ problem



Lordie... you actually don't realize how you come across. You're criticizing people who had just as much chance at discovering the answer as yourself. You're dealing with other users here... not Evernote employees - so the criticism is not warranted. The point I'm trying to make, and which others have brought up countless times, is that you criticize people for not giving you the answer you're looking for, whether there's a direct solution or not.


If it was not such a high IQ problem, why did you yourself not find it quicker? You're also a power user from what I've gathered. You see, it works both ways. 


Then there's the part about you asking people to remind you how to post images here so that you can show us what we overlooked. 


Sorry if my last post was offensive. Really. It's just that a picture is worth more than a thousand words - and it said what I meant to say. 


I even "liked" your last post... because you are now contributing, good and proper. 

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There is no comparison. EN is great for collecting data, and doing research, clipping web pages, etc. Scrivener is writing software, designed to help you write novels, short stories, plays, screenplays, etc.


That being said, I use EN as my main research tool for books; I then import or cut & paste the data from EN into Scrivener.


How does EN compare to Scrivener ?


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I was looking at the Forum on third party apps. Perhaps your post (Robyn Jane) belongs there
They discuss there alternatives to EN, such as Devonthink, vJournal, Sublime Text3, OneNote etc but it is very messy all  - there is no structure over overview on all alternatives.

I would like to see a list of all thes alternatives, pros and cons

I am only interested of a new app if there is integration with EN

Then I also looked into Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_notetaking_software

Not everything is there, f ex not Scrivener or Flowy

This is a whole science, it is impossible to test it all, and so there is a need for hearing other's experience

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