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  1. Well, that would acount for my confusion. I thought 10Gb was the limit on your total storage space. But you're saying it's a per-month upload limit? This changes everything! Thank you for clearing that up!
  2. This is just one more reason I find myself using OneNote more and more every day. With Windows 10 comes OneDrive, and I have 15Gb storage for free. If I need more than that, I can get 100Gb for under $2 a month...which is less than half what I'm paying for EN Premium. The only reason I haven't made the change completely is I have too much information already in EN. Besides, EN is like an old friend or a comfortable pair of shoes: you like both of them too much to ever say goodbye.
  3. Yes, thank you for that! I, too, prefer the old interface, since that keeps everything the same across all my devices.
  4. There is no comparison. EN is great for collecting data, and doing research, clipping web pages, etc. Scrivener is writing software, designed to help you write novels, short stories, plays, screenplays, etc. That being said, I use EN as my main research tool for books; I then import or cut & paste the data from EN into Scrivener. How does EN compare to Scrivener ?
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