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Default Language English - You mean English (US) !

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In my opinion, I doubt the Evernote team will spend time on this. There are much more serious issues to be addressed. This is not a bug, nor a shortcoming in its functioning, it is just a "nice to have" feature for certain patriots. But Evernote is a US app so US English is preferred. As a user you will survive without the GB English, I am sure :P

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Seriously you have to fix this major flaw!!



I am surprised how infrequently this important Evernote topic is even mentioned.
We should not forget
English (Canadian)
English (Australian)
English (South African)
English (New Zealand)
English (Hiberno of Ireland)
And in the USA there are different vernaculars such as
English (US northern)
English (US southern)
English (US midland)
English (US western)
And oh my gawd - the most important English
English (US Bawstin)
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Enough with the Brit bashing! ;)


I'm happy enough that the spell check at least understands the difference between 'proper' English and the multicultural abatements of exemplitude that omit the sigil of "(UK)" in the name.


I'd be even happier if the team concentrated on making the whole the tag/ sync/ share/ edit process bulletproof and parked requests like this in their 'sometime' folder...


- And 'irony' is what the butler does to my dress shirts isn't it?

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The only true English is known as Texan.  All that  c r a p  up north and to the east is an ancient dialect.  LOL  :ph34r:


Now that stuff they speak in CA is something else altogether, probably formed while their parents were on acid, if anyone knows what that is.   ;)


Just kidding guys!!  I love to hear all of your accents and euphemisms.

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