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  1. That's the thing with Evernote: very often (too often?) one has to use workarounds.
  2. You are right OneNote has an excellent OCR capability, and if you have the desktop version you don't even have to rely on a cloud server to do the OCR-ing for you, like with EN. However, I think the 1N OCR-ing can only be done on an embedded object. So if you need to have your PDF attachment OCR-ed, then you need a PDF app that can do that. PDF-XChange Viewer, or its more modern successor PDF-XChange Editor, does an excellent job, among its many other impressive features.
  3. I don't know about your other thread BNF of 14 Nov, I just stick to this one for clarity's sake :-) As for saying the OP's post was not clear: you are absolutely right, you did not say it. However, you are the one who gave the 1st & misleading answer to the OP because you did not read his post well, probably because it was not clear to you, or, in your eagerness to show your knowledge of Evernote & its system, you could not be bothered to have the courtesy to read his post well & give a proper answer. Whatever the case, you did not contribute to solving the OP's issue, whereas JM cleared up a subtle but important aspect of the post & Gazumped suggested a sensible way forward. In other words, there's no need to treat someone who makes a positive contribution with disdain, you never seem to learn your lesson. A little late to the game, JMiU. But thanks for playing. Sorry, you are late to the game as well. Perhaps you & JMiU could get a group rate on tutorials on how to read a thread. Clearly you missed this post (emphasis mine for those who find it difficult to follow a thread): But thanks to you, too for playing! Better luck next time. WRT OP's post being unclear...again, if you thoroughly read the post, you would see that *I* was not the one saying OP's post was unclear...
  4. It is not clear what your measure for "a little late" is, but a 4 hour gap between the OP's post & his answer does not seem unreasonable in terms of timing. Be that as it may, JM did pick up the essential point from the OP's post, which is "from" and not "to" his account. So the OP did have a point in his answer to you regarding your proper reading of his message. And there is nothing unclear about his message. A little late to the game, JMiU. But thanks for playing.
  5. Not the current government, but what about the next one? The current gvt. is on its last legs, so what will soon count is the next gvt.
  6. So let's hope that this article (http://www.businessinsider.com/evernote-the-first-dead-unicorn-2015-9) has got it wrong.
  7. I have been using VC like that exactly on my private PC for about 6 months & it has worked fine. I have never had any data loss. I am extremely happy with VC & can recommend it t anyone. The procedure you describe makes a lot of sense.
  8. That's a way of looking at it, and as long as it works for you that's good. But your productivity is bound to go down with time with the increase in clutter, unless productivity is not relevant to your workflow.
  9. Some of you just might be interested in this, I know a lot of the so-called power users are not & would happily bite my head off if they could for bringing up this subject again. http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/clean-evernote-clutter-cleaner-note-taking/
  10. I dig your zen vibe but we're talking about a text editor! So????? Whatever feature you are talking about, you will always have to make choices in terms of importance & priorities. You cannot get around that. So if a good text editor is absolutely important to you & Onenote's is superior to Evernote's, then go for Onenote & accept Onenote's shortcomings. You can keep whining about EN's editor's shorcomings, but that is not going to help you right now, if you need a solution right now. If you can afford to wait that decade someone else mentioned above until EN improves theirs, then wait that "little" longer.
  11. I need reliable and fast sync. Onenote is great and their editor is way better than Evernote. But syncing takes forever. And some weird things, like notes taken in the web editor sometimes simply refuse to sync to my phone for about one hour. Hopefully within the next decade either Onenote will get fast or Evernote will build a decent editor. A decade in IT is eons away, so in the mean time, one has to make choices. Like everything in life, nothing is perfect, and will never be. It is always good to bear that in mind. So one has to decide which are the most important features for one's use case, then base your choice on that. There will always be features that are nice to have but that an app does not offer. Alternatively, one could consider using 2 or 3 apps in parallel to the extent that they are complimentary to one another. It's your call !!
  12. http://swipesapp.com/product/ Came across this on Google+, have not tried it.
  13. Derived from Latin, or even Proto-Indo_European - https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/template Yeah, as in Knights Templar. Uh! Je suis mauvais!
  14. Evernote has always had table problems. The solution: use another app to create a table then copy/paste to Evernote. Example: create a table in Word then copy/paste.
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