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Google Now and Evernote Reminders

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Is it possible to use "note to self" to set a reminder in Evernote?  I've been attempting things like "note to self meeting 10am today" and "note to self set reminder for 10am today" but no luck.  So is this functionality present at all?  Thank you.

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I'd love to see this happen.  Evernote/Google Now Integration would be great.

I looked at IFTTT, but so far I don't see any NOW integration at all. Rather surprised too, you would think there would be a demand for that.

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Would you mind running me through how it would improve your workflow to integrate Google Now with Evernote? Whether or not you can mirror reminders/ tasks in Evernote or not, the fact that one puts information into a 3rd-party application - doesn't that mean you often consult that app anyways? Or is it for the purpose of archiving? Just curious.


By the way, an iOS app, Gneo, allows you to title your tasks with time and date elements, which creates a reminder that also syncs through to Evernote where it creates a reminder too. It works well, but I don't know that I need a reminder in both apps. Perhaps if it were the other way around and you were trying to see your Evernote reminders plotted on an external Calendar, there's Event Noted and Sunrise Calendar. Event Noted connects Evernote and your calendar and allows you to create events in your calendar through elements in an Evernote note title. Other than unique integration features similar to that, I like to manage my tasks on one interface. 

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There is a way to do this.  You will have to figure out the proper verbage but here is how to link evernote to google now.




you will also need event noted..




The combination of these two and the right verbage should get you where you want to be!



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This would be a great idea. The reason this would be great is for the quick access when you don't have time to open up the keyboard and go through a couple steps. Like when you're on the go it would be nice to use ok Google + Carreta never know reminder without having to look at your phone. The web app that you recommend just makes it more complicated and yet to have access to your computer. Why hasn't Evernote implemented this already? Todoist is a good example when you say task for today at 2 p.m. in those automatically convert that to a 2 p.m. reminder for today

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Is it even possible to give a title or choose a notebook when saying ok google take a note? When I try it, it only asks me for the note content and then auto saves it with no title in my default catch all notebook. I don't understand is this something evernote devs could do or would it be up to google devs to implement better integration?

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