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  1. Is it even possible to give a title or choose a notebook when saying ok google take a note? When I try it, it only asks me for the note content and then auto saves it with no title in my default catch all notebook. I don't understand is this something evernote devs could do or would it be up to google devs to implement better integration?
  2. Got my note 4 about the same time my computer crashed and quickly realized if mobile apps only had all the same features as their desktop counter parts, I would have no need for a desktop pc. Would be great to be able to merge notes from the app. Also, didn't see a forum thread for feature requests. Is general discussion the right place for this? Thanks
  3. Just happened to me on android 5.1 note 4. Edited a note, saved it, and now can't open it. UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEMA. Other notes work fine. I'd say evernote messed up when saving the edit. May have to copy content to new note and delete this one
  4. I know old post. As a new user I was also looking for this. I think it would be great if en used the api for gmail and others to add the functionality so we give permission for en to send emails via our gmail/yahoo/ms account that is associated with our en account.
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