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  1. Did anyone find a resolution to this? I'm using the Web clipper on the edge browser and all screenshots are fuzzy. I have checked my computer and the resolution is set properly and I'm on a higher resolution monitor. I really think this is a problem with evernote. Copying and pasting into evernote works fine.
  2. I'm using Evernote clipper on edge and all screenshots are fuzzy. My screen is set to 100% And I do not see any image quality settings that I can adjust. Now when I copy and paste with snip and sketch, the quality looks fine.
  3. 2021 and this is still a thing! I'm using the Chrome extension and I just noticed that the screenshots are fuzzy. I can't believe it has been so long and Evernote has not addressed this. It is absolutely not an issue with my monitor settings. I'm set at 100% original scale and it is on a higher resolution monitor. If I use Windows 10 built-in snip and sketch and then paste into evernote I do not have this problem. So no way around it this is Evernote's problem. What a joke.
  4. It is just a standard text note. If it happenes again next time, I will reach out to support. Hopefully it's just a rare one time thing. Thanks for your help!
  5. And this is not a new note. It is one from several weeks ago at least. Maybe it was just some temporary issue that was going on with the work computer. Hopefully it's working when I get back on it later.
  6. It happened to me today in my Evernote account. I copied the exact text from the note title and did a search but the note did not come up in the search results. The result just said nothing found. I even deleted the note and retyped the title and still the same thing. I just don't know what to do or how to fix this. So the note cannot be accessed from search, I have to go directly to the notebook and locate it. I'll probably contact Evernote but it could be months before I fixes even put into place. I think with the old Evernote you can re-index your notes but I see no option with the new Windows 10 app. Now it is working on a different computer. 😕 The only thing I did differently was load the web version first before loading the account in the Windows client.
  7. Are you referring to when you search your note does not display? I have a problem where a note is not being indexed at all.
  8. I'm dealing with an issue now on Windows 10 where one note is not indexed in the search at all. I even copy and paste the note title and it states no search results. That is a really messed up bug. I tried other note apps and I've never had a bug with the search itself!
  9. They have not stated anywhere that Android OS versions before 10 are end of life. Do you have a link that states this? The mobile app will come out on older Android versions at a later time. The way I look at it is that I have a perfectly powerful phone and no reason to upgrade just for Evernote. Notion, Todoist, TimeTune, and YNAB and every other app that I use doesn't have a problem developing for previous Android versions. Only Evernote has that issue. I could root my phone to upgrade to the next OS but the risks with that are just not worth it to me.
  10. Does anyone know why Evernote for Android 9 hasn't received any updates for the past 8 MONTHS? Not even minor patch updates! I'm paying premium for Windows features that do not carry over to Android. The blog post states: "We expect to broaden OS version support in the early months of 2021". Has anyone heard any rumors regarding how close they are to finishing the Android 9 version? And why are limited to releasing it on Android 10 at first? Is their team too small or is there something wrong with their development process? I like Evernote but it is frustrating paying for premium and getting a product that has such a disconnect between platforms. I have the Note 8 so I can't upgrade my OS beyond version 9. So I'm paying the same price per month but for less features.
  11. When I last checked, I'm supposed to get chat support since I'm a premium user. I can't even get access to it and I'm stuck in a damn loop. I take the following steps: Click on "Contact Us" "Access other support options" I log in. Then I'm just brought to the same support page, saying I'm logged out. I'm really losing patience with Evernote. First, the app for Android 9 hasn't been updated since JUNE 2020 and now this chat support issue. I have disabled the ad blocker in two browsers and still no luck!
  12. I'm having the same problem with Google docs. This is happening on different Google docs as well. Wi-Fi is connected properly. I even have the issue after completely reinstalling. I've sent a support ticket to Evernote. There is also no issue with file names issue. Just looks like this feature is completely broke.
  13. When will the most vital and basic feature of moving notebooks be available? I understand that it is a beta BUT THAT IS THE MOST BASIC FEATURE. Moving notebooks should of been enabled before the beta was even announced. Now 4 months later and still can't move notebooks. I like the look of the new interface but you can't even do something as simple as ORGANIZING. ?
  14. Sorry I was referring to the Android app. It's really very minor anyway but it would be nice to have screenshot feature built into the app in case the web clipping produces poor results.
  15. Now if they introduce actual built-in task management I will be so excited. BUT it has to be on all platforms! They better not dare introduced some awesome task management feature that's only available on Windows. I use my mobile device more than my computer and a lot of companies out there still don't get this. Since Evernote switched to Google for their cloud services, I have seen improvements with syncing and speed. Tables introduction in Windows app was a good update, but I would still like to see that in the Android app. My big areas of disappointment are: Web clipping is unpredictable and there is no built-in screenshot option. Really no changes for quite some time for inking. And the Windows app has too much lag and freezes every now and then. Also more formatting options in the Android app. I still feel that Evernote is the best note taking app out there. One note and all the other note taking apps have not given me really any good reason to switch.
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