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  1. I'm having the same problem with Google docs. This is happening on different Google docs as well. Wi-Fi is connected properly. I even have the issue after completely reinstalling. I've sent a support ticket to Evernote. There is also no issue with file names issue. Just looks like this feature is completely broke.
  2. When will the most vital and basic feature of moving notebooks be available? I understand that it is a beta BUT THAT IS THE MOST BASIC FEATURE. Moving notebooks should of been enabled before the beta was even announced. Now 4 months later and still can't move notebooks. I like the look of the new interface but you can't even do something as simple as ORGANIZING. ?
  3. Sorry I was referring to the Android app. It's really very minor anyway but it would be nice to have screenshot feature built into the app in case the web clipping produces poor results.
  4. Now if they introduce actual built-in task management I will be so excited. BUT it has to be on all platforms! They better not dare introduced some awesome task management feature that's only available on Windows. I use my mobile device more than my computer and a lot of companies out there still don't get this. Since Evernote switched to Google for their cloud services, I have seen improvements with syncing and speed. Tables introduction in Windows app was a good update, but I would still like to see that in the Android app. My big areas of disappointment are: Web clipping
  5. They have to make an improvement to the inking system on all platforms, that would be a great start. I just hope that we hear an update or blog posts from the leaders soon. But even with this news, I'm still sticking with Evernote. This entire year there has been NOT ONE big update to the Windows client. It is laggy and freezes for a short time. But I still feel that Evernote is the best note taking app out there. Onenote just annoys me and there are unnecessary steps to complete certain tasks. Syncing can be a mess if you change notebooks in Onenote. And Evernote obviously has t
  6. How in the ? do I change my encryption passphrase?! This is so ? stupid that it has to be this difficult. I've deleted the note, recopied the text, uncheck the remember passphrase, exited Evernote and it is still stuck on that passphrase. Do I have to reinstall Evernote to reset this? What if one screws up on his passphrase? ?!!
  7. I'm having the same resource not changed error when editing an image in a separate app on Note 8. I've had the same issue on my Note 5. I've had the same issue on my HTC DNA. Hopefully there will be a fix for this THIS YEAR. Maybe there working on built in editing, PLEASE PLEASE.
  8. I know this has been reported several times to Evernote so I'm confused why it hasn't been fixed yet. So Evernote fails to give us any valuable editing after a document is scanned. Multiple times, the image is not properly cropped by Evernote. And I even have the document on a black wood desk! So I use the edit image feature. I then select Snapseed and crop in the image. After pressing done in snapseed, I go back to Evernote and receive the message resource not changed. The only app that seems to work with Evernote is Pixlr. Has anyone found a work around? Has
  9. So I'm using the awesome feature of automatically importing folders into Evernote. What happens when I uninstall Evernote? Do I have to re-add every folder again? I don't see any backup or export option. ,Ricky
  10. Looks like the update fixed it since I'm not running into the issue on my stable, recent version of the Android app. I tried Chrome and Firefox on android and got the same web clipping results. I really wish the clipping was more intelligent and would automatically remove all the excess junk, like ads and links from the web page. I would recommend using Gboard keyboard since it makes it easier to go through the page and remove unnecessary text. And this is mostly for those who are new to Evernote: I know it is stating the obvious but if you run into an error, the forums are
  11. hmmm, well I check out the beta version and see if there are enhancements, wouldn't hurt, thanks.
  12. I'm just irritated with the errors that I'm running into. I'm being more sarcastic and dramatic than anything. Anyway, hopefully 2018 will be the year for some good improvements for Evernote.
  13. When will Evernote Web have more robust organization features like the Windows client? Evernote Web provides a smoother, more bug free experience. The Windows program constantly creates lag when typing, possibly due to syncing in the background but I don't experience that I the web version. Also, basic features are not free from bugs! Randomly, I can't even freakin decrease the indent! Tables produce weird errors too. Also tables in the web version are so basic! If you can't get the Windows application right, then just discontinue it. Other companies have created
  14. So here are the steps that lead to issue: 1. after typing, increase line indent 2. next line will not decrease indent when I select decrease indent and use the shortcut. NOTHING HAPPENS. I can increase the indent but I can't decrease it. So damn annoying! Is anyone else experiencing this issue? This is really ridiculous. This is basic stuff that Evernote can't get right. It has happened repeatedly. I will let the developer know about this shortly of course. ,Ricky
  15. How difficult can it be to get a table to work reliably? I have two columns and I'm trying to create a useful hourly planner but Evernote is letting me down. I have the first part of the table created and then want to do a simple copy and paste. But no, Evernote has to insert a random column! I was able to re produce this bug every time using the following steps but it seems to be random: create 3 x 4 table perform merger of cells (see below image) delete 4th column copy all cells press tab to create new row paste cells to create second segment Wh
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