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  1. In doing some evaluation of Evernote for Business I'm attempting to setup the Evernote Web Clipper on a colleague's pc using Chrome. Within the Gapps/gmail inbox and looking at a individual email then attempting to use the clipper with the mail option selected there is an endless spinning circle. Would anyone have some troubleshooting tips for this? The clipper DOES work with the other options available just not the mail option. Thank you.
  2. Wasn't sure if perhaps evernote would parse the text pushed across as commands to set a reminder. Ah well...maybe soon
  3. Is it possible to use "note to self" to set a reminder in Evernote? I've been attempting things like "note to self meeting 10am today" and "note to self set reminder for 10am today" but no luck. So is this functionality present at all? Thank you.
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