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  1. Rjory, Do you have a previous version, or the Legacy EN installed along with the new V10? I have found that when I have ran the older version it has left processes running after I terminate it. Then the Version 10 quite often will not load correctly, if at all. Once I go into TaskManager and end the Evernote processes that are still running, then V10 launches and loads correctly.
  2. Shane D. I think some of us are a little thrown back about the "Dashboard Contest". I believe "Dashboard" is a common Mac feature, but is foreign to us Windows users. Perhaps you could post a followup with a little more explanation as to what "Dashboards" are, whether the contest is for just Mac users or all users, etc. To many of us, like Corybe, ewbeyer, and myself, this is a new and interesting concept within Evernote. Thanks
  3. Terminal, Are you a Mac user, or on Windows? Sayre Ambrosio has a nice looking Dashboard, but I notice he is a Mac user.
  4. Cory... You're not the only one to get struck with ...WOW ! Shane D's contest was the first I have ran into the term "Dashboard" in Evernote. I've heard reference to the Home, or Start Page, but I think this is the first I've heard of a Dashboard being in what is apparently fairly popular use; and I've been an Evernote User forever, starting back with the beginning program and there were no mobile apps or paid subscriptions. In fact, as I'm a Windows & Android user, I'm wondering if maybe this is a Mac phenomenon???
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