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  1. slaw, Using the Web Version I don't think you can do what you're after. Try installing the Windows App and you'll be able to display all of a Notebook contents as Icons where you are currently seeing the Note contents. Seems like this was doable a couple years ago in the Web Version, but when the UI was updated this was lost. Personally, I find the Windows Desktop App much more usable for this and many other reasons.
  2. Thanks csihilling, Yes, now that I know to keep "Search Information" toggled ON, I actually like the way it not only tells me what Notebook I'm in, but the total records in it as well. Maybe Evernote might want to consider "Search Information ON" as the default setting at installation.
  3. Thanks jbenson2, but guess I didn't make myself clear. It's when looking in the NOTEBOOK view that I couldn't see what Notebook I was looking at until I turned on "Search Information". I had no problem seeing the applicable Notebook when I was looking at a particular note, it was just when viewing the contents of a selected Notebook. But I appreciate your comment regardless.
  4. I originally had "Search Information" turned off in "View" and noticed that nowhere did it tell me what Notebook I was looking at. I tried all the various views from Snippet, Card, Top and Side Views, but none seemed to identify the Notebook I was looking in. I finally found that if I turned on the "Search Information" under "View" it would tell me how many notes I was looking at and in what NOTEBOOK. So I have left the "Search Information" toggled on solving my problem, but shouldn't the focused Notebook always be noted somewhere on the screen, even when "Search Information" is toggled off?
  5. Thanks dconnet, I'm glad to see someone from Evernote responding here and letting us know that you guys are aware of the problem. It amazes me that the Android version works so fast and never seems to have timing issues.. Strange when my handheld device works better than this 30 lb monster on my desk. As your post was from last November hopefully, we'll be seeing some improvement show up in a forthcoming update.
  6. I'd love to see this happen. Evernote/Google Now Integration would be great. I looked at IFTTT, but so far I don't see any NOW integration at all. Rather surprised too, you would think there would be a demand for that.
  7. Don't know if anyone is still following this, but I use Sunrise running in the background synched with gCal. Since Evernote Reminders synch with Sunrise which then synchs with gCal, it makes it appear that Evernote is synching directly to gCal. I'm using Android on a Tablet and Phone, and Windows on my PC, and all stay in synch. Now that Google is updating all of Android to Lollipop and coming out with new versions, and/or products, I'm trying to put together some logical and practical notifications and reminders scheme between new Android Notification Cards, Google NOW, Google's new INBOX, gCal's new update, Evernote, and probably Sunrise operating in background as noted above. It's getting rather confusing as I don't want 2, 3, or 4, applications all giving me alarms, notifications, or reminders, all for the same event. Talk about information overload
  8. Check with Google Devs; maybe an upcoming 'clip to Drive' is in the works. If not, I've used IFTTT with some success having it copy any email I labeled "Evernote" into Evernote. Unfortunately you do not have the opportunity to edit the subject line, so you can't direct to specific notebook or tag and can't set reminders. You can always used the "forward to your Evernote email address" but again you do not have the opportunity to edit the subject line.
  9. HIGHLIGHTED TEXT... YeeeHawww I was afraid I wouldn't last to see it. If for no other reason than this... LOVE IT ! Thanks and keep up the good work.
  10. Thanks dlu, except for the error in the referenced link.. just changed it on the fly.. it downloaded and upgraded the previous version just fine. I'll give it a good test drive over the next few days. Keep the good things coming ;-) Slim
  11. Hi dlu, There have been lots of comments, problems, likes and dislikes posted on this topic in the last 3 weeks, any schedule for a new release that you can divuldge to us yet? I'm considering rolling back to 4.6, but if there's a new release of 5, forthcoming, I'll wait a while. Thanks, Slim
  12. I don't really care all that much about that, particularly because I feel that the underlying implementation has some deep unresolved inconsistencies. For example, there are a number of problems related to use of shared notebooks that make them difficult to work with. Existing valid saved searches are broken. Really, the paint job doesn't matter all that much when what's under the hood doesn't work well. +jefito Sorry if you read my comment as implying that nothing mattered except appearance. Of course, all the functionality of previous EN releases should be available and working, and new functionality should be wrung out and verified. However, don't ignore appearance... When your time sharing between multiple apps, office visitors, and phone conversations, visual recognition can be extremely important as well. I'm guessing that if Phil had wanted it to be different, it would already be.+jefito My intent was not to speak for Mr. Liben... and I assume your's was not as well. The quotes around "Green" were to suggest many interpretations of the word as well. Evernote, keep up the good (great) work. V5 is Beta.. we don't expect it to fly perfect first time out of the hangar.
  13. I think you have probably gotten the message by now, that everybody wants the Evernote color scheme to return. Being creatures of habit and visual recognition, the Green Evernote scheme gave us our mental bearings to know where and what we are doing. The current B&W/Grey format tells our mind that we might be anywhere... or nowhere. (I'm sure Phil would prefer to see Evernote stay "Green" as well.) I think most of the glitches I've seen have already been covered in previous posts, but I'd like to second the comment that... now is the time to add text highlighting to notes Eagerly awaiting the next release.
  14. Thanks Dave. Actually I think the deletion of notes individually is pretty well documented, and like you say, before terminating you can always pull them out of trash. It's the deletion of complete Notebooks, either full or empty, where a clearer warning might help. Instead of just warning that the Notebook deletion will be irretrievable, it might help to add "from both Web and Local clients, once synchronization takes place." I think that would have probably scared me enough to stop and think a bit longer :shock: Well, I'll go and have my "tear diluted" beer now...
  15. Unfortunately I don't have a backup of the database. I thank you for the offer though. It does seem strange that when I manually delete just about anything in Evernote I get a dialog box asking if I'm sure and with notebooks it usually advises me that the data will not be retrievable, but in the synchronizing mode it deletes whole notebooks without any cautions, backups, or safety process. Sure was a lot of information in those notes, clips, etc. Is there any automatic function for backing up Evernote? I had assumed my local client would act as the backup for the web client... obviously NOT. I guess I can copy the .exb database over to my USB backup memory manually, but some kind of scheduled tool would be handy. Thanks again though for the offer to help.
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