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Evernote 6.0.5 Now Available



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On one Mac, I had to upgrade to a direct download of 6.0.4 b2 to get my notes to work. On my other MAC, I haven't had to do this yet and I am still running an AppStore version 6.0.3. Is it safe to update to 6.0.5?


AppStore release notes show:

What's New in Version 6.0.5

Bug fixes and other improvements:
• Fixed an issue which caused note content not to display.
• Added the ability to export to a PDF from Presentation Mode.
• Improved toolbar icon visibility.
• Resolved various sync and crashing issues.

Work Chat improvements:
• Share content with your Gmail contacts.
• Added the ability to block contacts in Work Chat.

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We're getting the download version ready to release either today or tomorrow which will essentially be the same release. We wanted to ship to Mac App Store customers as quickly as possible because of the issues with blank notes people were reporting. Stay tuned. I'll post an update once we ship the download version.

I should also point out that 6.0.5 is the same as 6.0.4 beta2 but with additional bug fixes.

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3 times tried to download and install. 3 times it's hanged (hung?)


- direct download version

- Mac book Air w/Yosemite

- I get the notice an update is available

- click to download

- close main app while down loanding

- click to install when prompt

- CPU monitor says "not responding" at 176%


I've tried shutting down and doing as a fresh restart. I've submitted the crash reports that apple asks for


4th Time..after force quitting the install...I bring up what I think is the old version...the synch wheel turns a bit

I go to check for updates again....and where it had told me the new update was still avaiable....it now says I'm up to date.


kicked it 4 times to get it to work.


Hope this helps

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Glad to hear most users' issues with note loading are resolved with 6.0.5.


3 times tried to download and install. 3 times it's hanged (hung?)

I recommend uninstalling using AppCleaner, then reinstalling from Evernote.com

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