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  1. I was starting to write a bug report to complain about the lack of a Native or Universal version of Evernote on Apple M1, but it seems like the latest Evernote release is performing much better -- even through it's still an Intel bundle. Previously (just minutes ago), I was ranting about how horrible the app is, but it actually is getting back to usable... 10.15.6-mac-ddl-public (2680) Editor: v125.1.16140 Service: v1.36.3 I still find it a bit sluggish, but at least it's slightly improved. If only they would have a Universal or Silicon release...
  2. With the latest beta - 7.1 Beta 1 (456349) - I'm finding that when I have a bullet or number list and I paste a URL into the list, the text or line following the URL gets the same formatting as the URL (blue + underline). The hyperlink itself is not "leaking" to the next bullet - just the formatting. I've pasted an image showing what happens - I typed that out in-line as a testcase. For the hyperlinks, I'm just pasting in "http://www.google.com" directly - it's just a plan string from my clipboard. Can this get fixed please? It's really annoying. =)
  3. Looks like the issue with subject / title cursor focus has been fixed in this latest beta release. I had noted it started ~Mac 6.12 GA: THANK YOU! I was getting really tired of the workaround. (use keyboard shortcut to get to tags and then 'tab down' to Title. (Please don't re-break it! No regressions please. =) )
  4. Looks like the issue also happens from the main Evernote window if you are in a search result (and probably any other mode where Evernote chooses to start a new window for the new note) Start in the main Evernote window, All Notes view Search for something in your Notes - like "Test" Enter COMMAND-N to create a new Note (new window pops-up) The new window has no cursor focus set (you cannot just start typing) - if you type you get the MacOS alert / error beep Grumble and find mouse and click into the Title field or the message body to continue typing..
  5. I'm pretty sure with the upgrade to Evernote 6.12 (from the latest BETA), the Evernote New Note window is no longer setting the cursor focus to the "Title" field when a new note is created from a note that has it's own window (it's not setting focus at all in fact). I'm guessing this is a bug introduced with all the tab work that's going on. When starting a New Note from the main Evernote window, the application does set the cursor focus to the "Title" field correctly. I'm used to this working: Start in the main Evernote window, All Notes view Double-click a Note to get it into it's own Window Type COMMAND-N to create a new Note (new window pops-up) Note that the new window has no cursor focus set -- you cannot just start typing - instead if you type you get the MacOS alert / error beep Grumble and find mouse and click into the Title field or the message body to continue typing.. Can we get this fixed? Thanks!
  6. Got another issue - not sure if it's new in BETA 2 or just in 6.10... Task list checkbox is uncheckable if added in front of hyperlinked text. This happens in a standard paragraph or within a list. Steps to reproduce: Create new doc Add text "this is my link" Select the text and insert a link "http://www.google.com" Move to the front of the text (all the way to the left) and add a checkbox Click on checkbox and note how Evernote launches the link in the browser Expected outcome - the checkbox should become checked...It cannot be checked.. I've noticed if I insert the checkbox first and then add text with link I don't get this issue. -Jeff
  7. Noticed something new with whitespace being translated into encoded versions - &gt and   (hopefully those render - it's the encoded versions of > and space that you'd see in URLs) I'm copying and pasting between Evernote from Terminal (OSX) and I've noticed I'm getting something translated like this: In Evernote: echo "$i ->; $NAME.txt"; In Terminal: echo "$i -> $NAME.txt";  Looks like it's mostly from Evernote to other applications. Like copy/pasting the string into Safari (to post this message) is bringing over the encoded versions of some characters ( space, and > )
  8. Thank you for this update! the ability to do a custom title for a link to google docs is working again and is working with a list.
  9. Another issue with the new BETA - the google drive links take over the ability to create custom tile for a link in a list. Example: Create a bullet list Add text "This is my link text" Select the text and insert link to a google doc. Click OK. Note how the Google doc icon shows up on the next line and the text is removed
  10. Is there a bug tracker we can see somewhere to determine if we have a new or known issue with BETA releases? I'm running Evernote (6.10 Beta 1) and finding two issues: Notes opened in a new window are always titled "Untitled" even when they have a title The navigation within a table cell using the new note format (the backend change in 6.10 beta..) is weird with bullets/numbering: Create a new note with a single 1x1 table Start a bulleted/ numbered list and an entry "my one". Press enter. Type "my two" on the second bullet. Try to navigate "up" with the keyboard. Note how the cursor does not move up.You can press left-arrow to get back up or click on the first line. (Doesn't happen with a simple numbered or bulleted list that is not within a table)
  11. Nope, still broken for me. The special version mentioned above is the version that started the issue for me: Version 6.9.1 (454120 Direct) =(
  12. I found today that after upgrading to Version 6.9.1 (454120 Direct), parts of notes are not showing-up. In my case it's screenshots that I've pasted in. I can see the attachments on the web, so guess I'll try the process noted above.
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