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  1. I just tested this in EN Mac 6.0.6, and you can nest tags as you could in previous versions simply by drag-n-drop of a tag onto the parent tag in the Tags View panel. However, you can't do this in the Left Sidebar like you used to could. You are right - thanks. It works with cmd + drag (after the tag has been synced). But the tag structure doesn't show up on the IOS client so I am unsure as to whether it is in the process of being phased out or in. Reworking all my tags is a sizeable undertaking which I am reluctant to invest time in, if the feature could disappear in the next version of Evernote. To further confuse the issue, the Windows Phone client does show nested tags. I wish the devs were a little clearer regarding in which direction they are going with this feature.
  2. I am listening in on this as well. Is there any way of creating a hierarchal organisational structure in Evernote? Is anything nestable?
  3. But still no solution to remedy the washed-out user-unfriendly color scheme, unless there is a setting somewhere that I have overlooked...
  4. I had some stability issues right after the upgrade - not quite as bad as yours though. I uninstalled Evernote (the app store version) completely and did a fresh install (the version directly from Evernote) and has had no erratic behaviour since. I still don't like the new UI design, but at least the app itself seems stable on my mid 2010 MacBook Pro 8Gb.
  5. It's hard to fault Microsoft or any other cloud service provider for working with the local authorities. They are a business - not a crusader for privacy - and you can't run a sustainable business outside the legal system. If you don't like the fact that three-letter agencies can prompt them to turn over your private information, it isn't Microsoft you need to talk to - it is the US government and congress... and ultimately the voters that put them in office. I would never blame Evernote for letting the police into my account, as long as it happened in response to a proper warrant or a National Security letter. If I had something serious to hide, it would be client-side encrypted with a proper open-source product (I don't trust closed source crypto) and packed in a zip-file before uploading. But what Microsoft does is, censoring data by their own volition. The NSA doesn't care if you snap a nude photo of your girlfriend with your WindowsPhone device, which is subsequently automatically backed up to OneDrive. But Microsoft will snoop in your account and close you down when they find it. This has nothing to do with complying with the law or working with the NSA - they do it.... well, because they feel like it. I find this frivolous attitude to something as serious as censorship hard to stomach. It makes me grumpy, because it was done for no practical reason (sucking up to Apple doesn't count as such). Any developer with a minimum of experience should have recognised this UI disaster before it made it's way out in the wild and I don't see Evernote hurrying to implement any corrective measures. They fixed something that wasn't broken and broke it in the process, so yeah - I reserve the right to be a bit miffed.
  6. The Evernote folks have the right and ability to look in the documents according to the terms of service, but only to ensure compliance with the user guide lines. They explicitly state in the privacy policy that they respect our rights to our private information. Compared to the really bad ones - Google and Facebook, whose business model is selling their users informations - Evernote is very conservative in their demands and I see no reason not to trust them. I don't think it's just "talk"... Microsoft on the other hand has a proven history of censoring users private cloud storage and they are not apologising for it... http://wiki.ncac.org/Microsoft_Skydrive_Nude_Censorship http://wmpoweruser.com/microsoft-monitoring-censoring-skydrive-uploads/ It is worth mentioning that Evernote doesn't prohibit nudity in their terms of service, as long as you don't use a public folder to distribute it. Even if you don't plan to save that kind of data in your account, it is still a clear indicator that they are much less invasive when it comes to their users privacy than Microsoft. So to me Evernote is as trustworthy as you can reasonably expect from any cloud service. I hate the new UI color scheme, but I trust them to keep my documents safe...
  7. I wouldn't call Microsoft "evil" per se. It's more a case of them being so big that they might "step on you by accident". And they have a proven record for snooping in peoples personal files (several have gotten their MS accounts closed for uploading nude pictures of themselves to their personal OneDrive for instance), which alone is enough for me to keep my distance. They might be ahead as far as data security is concerned, but that doesn't help if the threat against your privacy comes from within the company itself. Whether or not Evernote reads my documents I don't know, but so far they haven't done anything to anybody that prompts me to believe that they do (apart from ocr in order to make PDF's searchable). Should that happen, I would drop the service immediately. I can live with the new crappy UI - still whining and complaining until they fix it, of course - but not censorship of my private data. That would be a deal-breaker.
  8. Stability, reliability and trust are unique features. OneNote may be established, but it started out with focus on the application as a local note-taking and organising tool. The cloud part was more like an afterthought. Evernote on the other hand was a web-service from the beginning with the declared policy of being a reliable online repository for notes and documents. This makes a difference in the way I perceive the two. Sure - Microsoft is currently working hard on "becoming Evernote" and they will probably succeed eventually. But they are still Microsoft, so the trust will be a long time coming. The "but we followed the Yosemite guidelines" excuse is not only tiring to listen to, but also really poor in sevaral ways. Evernote is not an Apple program - it is multi-platform and as such needs to focus on a consistent UI across all platforms rather than differentiate depending on what system you use it on. I realize that I am shooting myself in the foot with this remark, since the Windows client isn't exactly a paragon of user-friendliness either... More importantly though, Evernote does not follow the Yosemite UI philosophy. They have merely cherry picked a few points and applied them badly. If you compare the app to some of the Apple dittos - like Calendar or Address Book - they are both better or at least as useable as before the OS upgrade. Or look at programs like iMovie or Mail... very functional and user friendly. Apple never intended to put style over functionality, and regardless of whether or not you like the Yosemite look and feel there is not doubt that MacOS has retained it's user-friendliness. And yes - the colors are the main issue. If Evernote had done everything else but left the UI in peace, they would likely only have suffered a fraction of the negative backlash.
  9. That's the problem - there really isn't any other product quite like Evernote. I need a cloud based document storage I can trust, and I don't trust Microsoft in this area. They could easily decide to kill the service at a drop of a hat, data-mine my personal documents, change their price-model out of my range or whatever other nasty things you can think of. OneNote is a focus product at the moment, but MS is so large and has so many different venues of profit that they could easily survive without any one of them. Evernote, on the other hand, is built around one specific product. If that goes down, the company goes with it. And the slogan - "remember everything" - combined with the green elephant sends out all the right signals. So I trust Evernote to do what they claim and take good care of my stuff on a permanent basis. Even in light of the much degraded user experience of version 6, they have no competition in this field. Microsoft and Google are not trustworthy as far as privacy is concerned, and it will take a long time for a new player in the field to build the kind of trust that Evernote has accumulated over the years. Migrating to another product is not an option. So we have no choice but hoping that the current madness that has seized the developers will subside over time and make them realise what they are doing to their users. Like stated numerous times, if you suck at UI design you should at least make it user-configurable or skinable so the users can fix their own workstation. I like your example with the consistency of the Photoshop UI. It is a major reason for the products sustainability in the market.
  10. You could be right, but that still doesn't explain the ruined user interface. Professionals sitting in front of a screen for hours are even more dependant on proper optical ergonomics....
  11. Didn't come with an option for fixing the illegible white/grey colour scheme either. Maybe something to look forward to in 6.04...?
  12. If that is the only reason behind this UI change - and so far it looks like it, since usability certainly hasn't improved - it doesn't earn the design team any gold stars in my book. Changes of this nature should be done for the sake of the Evernote users and not as a fashion statement to Cupertino. Thanks for your suggestions though. I will try them out. Hopefully there will be an "update to fix the update" soon.
  13. Just got the dreaded update and jumped in to voice my dissatisfaction with the new look. And judging from the threads about this subject, I guess I'm not alone. The current design is not only bland and lifeless, but if you are sitting in a dark office it is positively unpleasant to work with. As a fairly heavy user I often have Evernote open on my desktop, but this version basically turns my screen into a 27" white lamp. I have searched desperate for a way to at least change the colour scheme or skin it, but to no avail. So I am in a situation where I have to change the way I work just to fit your update. That is not particularly user friendly, and I am not happy about it. I cannot fathom what prompted your UI team to consider this a good - or even acceptable - idea. Yes, I have read the argument about following Apples UI philosophies, but you are Evernote - not AppleNote. If you must mess around with the UI, please show us the courtesy to provide us with an option in the settings to revert to the traditional skin.
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