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Yosemite Spotlight and Evernote



I just recently reenabled Spotlight and Evernote in OS X 10.9 by downloading the Evernote application from the Evernote website instead of the App Store version.


Evernote / Spotlight integration is awesome.


I just updated to Yosemite with it's overhaul of Spotlight.


It seems to have broken the awesomeness.  I can no longer search Evernote from Spotlight.


Has anyone else experienced this?  Is there a fix available?

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Can we get an OFFICIAL response? I don’t want to add any more content into my notebooks and will go back to previous solution if I can’t span tags and text searches across Mac OS X (Spotlight supported plugins) and Evernote.


Actually, Evernote (SoftwareMarcus) has been very active in responding to this issue [spotlight indexing] for quite some time.  See his post, made on May 1, below from another thread.


It seems that getting Spotlight indexing of Evernote  to work is much more difficult in the AppStore version than the DirectDL ver (from Evernote.com).

If this feature is important to you, then you might want to switch to the DirectDL version.


According to Jackolicious (EN VP of Desktop Products), you can easily switch to the DirectDL version:

  • "We actually built a conversion [between AppStore and DirectDL] function into recent versions of Evernote."
  • If you have any Local Notebooks, export each NB to ENEX just in case.
  • Exit the Mac Evernote.app, and the EvernoteHelper in the Mac menu
  • Move the Evernote.app to the Mac Trash, and permanently delete (important for Spotlight indexing)
  • Restart your Mac
  • Download EN Mac from Evernote.com
  • Install Evernote and run for at least a few hours.

It may take some time to complete the conversion, and to rebuild the Spotlight index for Evernote.  I'd give it at least a day (with your Mac running).

If you still cannot find your EN Notes via Spotlight, do a search in this forum for "Spotlight".  Marcus has provide several fixes to help Spotlight see your EN Notes.


Evernote just released EN Mac Ver 6.0.12, which, according to the Beta 2 post, should address this issue and a number of other issues.


If you still have Spotlight issues after trying the above, then you may want to post in the main Spotlight thread:

Spotlight doesn’t find any Evernote notes



We are actively looking at this issue and can spend more time on it now that we've shipped 6.0.11.  For those of you who have tried the steps I provided and who continue to see issues can you try a simple test.  


1) Create a new note and type in a unique title.  

2) Go to Spotlight, search for this title and see if the note appears.


Does this work for you?  It just worked for me.  If this works that means Spotlight is now working but it doesn't necessarily mean old notes will be in the Spotlight index.  For example, we just fixed a bug in 6.0.10 where notes created on another client wouldn't get indexed.  This means none of these notes would appear in Spotlight until you edit them.   So there could be issues in the past that have affected old notes from appearing in Spotlight so this simple test will set a nice baseline for us to proceed.


Let me know your results.

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Can we get an OFFICIAL response? I don’t want to add any more content into my notebooks and will go back to previous solution if I can’t span tags and text searches across Mac OS X (Spotlight supported plugins) and Evernote.




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Can somebody confirm that they have managed to get Spotlight to work with Evernote on Macs with latest Yosemite and Evernote 6.0.7?



Evernote hasn't worked reliably with spotlight for me going back to the 5.x days. Definitely never worked with 6.x. I am really losing faith in Evernote. The OS X app is getting slower and harder to use and key things like Spotlight integration haven't worked in months. 

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My solution so far is to use the shortcut search function in Evernote: Control+Command + e

It takes me from anywhere directly to the Evernote search window.


This works fine for me - since I almost always know if I want a search in Evernote or in something else.


Not related - but I find that using the shortcut for search for notebooks in Evernote also works very good -

Command + j


But you have to be in the evernote window to use that one.

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After reviewing different threads regarding spotlight and Evernote I decided to give a try to a fresh install. I quit the Evernote helper Menu app and used App Delete to move everything to the trash. Then emptied trash and rebuilt permissions and restarted. Then installed Evernote downloaded from Evernote.com making sure to eject the Evernote install image before starting up.


After 2 days spotlight has not indexed a single note in my Evernote database. I have have also deleted and rebuilt the spotlight index 2 times to no avail.


Can somebody confirm that they have managed to get Spotlight to work with Evernote on Macs with latest Yosemite and Evernote 6.0.7?


Please confirm that your spotlight is also indexing note content by following the suggestion in my previous post.


Does anybody know the function of the following Evernote folder in the Library?


Users ▸ username ▸ Library ▸ CoreData ▸ com.evernote.Evernote ▸ FB66CCAA-9ADD-42A3-8B08-E858BF37608F ▸ ENNote ▸ _records


It contains several files of the form "pxxxx.enspot" where xxxx is a number. Clicking the file opens a corresponding note in Evernote.


Perhaps this folder has something to do with spotlight, but all the files are of 0 kilobyte and there are only 300 so files while my database contains several thousand notes.

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Evernote may appear to work with Spotlight, but indexing is poor and unreliable. Its not so bad if what you are searching for is contained in a note title, but it is very poor for note content. It used to work just as well for Evernote notes as for other documents on the hard disk, but not any more and I believe all Evernote users are affected.


Here is what you can try to confirm that you are affected as well. Find or add an unique email address or a text string in one of your notes and search for it in Spotlight (from the Finder).


I believe Evernote broke Spotlight around version 5.6. Everything seemed to be working perfectly up to around then.


Well not perfectly, as I had been switching between the App store version and download version and therefore had duplicate Evernote search results, but at least I found everything I was searching for if it was there.


The only way to do a reliable search today is to enter Evernote. At least that is still working.

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 I have just tried to re-download Evernote, but the indexing thing isnøt happening and I still can't se any Evernote notes in my Spotlight searches.

Do I have to delete all the notedata as well?? Not only the program? Because after the installation of the new Evernote (direct) - it asked to use the existing notes.

And I said yes.


So maybe that's the problem?


Would be great with some help :-)

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