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  1. PLEASE make this a feature. Evernote's formatting of pasted text is abysmal. When working with code, I am constantly having to convert the note to plain text numerous times. So irritating.
  2. Gawd. Thanks DTLow. I guess this is a new OS X Sierra "feature". I updated EN and OS X at the same time and this started happening. Take what I said about EN above and replace OS X. Mark this closed!
  3. I have disabled all spelling and grammar options as well as all "substitution" options, yet when I paste a long line of code and then hit space a couple of times, Evernote adds a PERIOD to the end of my string. I am posting code snippets and curls. This is insane. You are altering my content without any warning and CORRUPTING IT. Overall, Evernote has been on a steady decline as far as the text editing and formatting capabilities. I am going to have to switch to TextEdit if you can't stop this ***** from making it into your product.
  4. Still broken in Version 6.0.11 (451580 Direct)
  5. Evernote hasn't worked reliably with spotlight for me going back to the 5.x days. Definitely never worked with 6.x. I am really losing faith in Evernote. The OS X app is getting slower and harder to use and key things like Spotlight integration haven't worked in months.
  6. This is still broken in 6.0.8. Adding/removing com.evernote.Evernote to spotlight is not working. Evernote, this is a pretty serious issue. Searching notes is a key feature.
  7. This new interface is awful. Why do you keep changing things so rapidly? "New" does not mean "Better" You need to learn about gradual design evolution. Here's just one thing that is wrong... The note title is now invisibly separated from the body. I am sure your designers think this is great, but it is confusing at first glance: PLEASE revert to the old look.
  8. +1 on making "related notes" a note-level toggle. An icon indicating the existence of related notes would be helpful, with a toggle "+" or tip-down triangle. While I like the related notes feature, I have work and personal notebooks and I don't like my personal "related notes" appearing automatically when I view work notes. It would be nice to be able to filter the "related notes" by current note's notebook as an option.
  9. Still happening. Still annoying. The outline functionality is poor IMHO. I feel like I am using the wrong tool.
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