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  1. My solution so far is to use the shortcut search function in Evernote: Control+Command + e It takes me from anywhere directly to the Evernote search window. This works fine for me - since I almost always know if I want a search in Evernote or in something else. Not related - but I find that using the shortcut for search for notebooks in Evernote also works very good - Command + j But you have to be in the evernote window to use that one.
  2. I'm not sure that is correct. It IS actually working on my MacBook Air, and everything is set and upgraded the same way. I think maybe there's an indexing trick or something, but I'm not sure how to do that.
  3. Hi there Yes, I believe so, if this is what you mean: https://support.apple.com/en-lb/HT201607 It doesn't change it. I can still choose to open with mail, but it's a 2-3 step proces instead of just clicking it open in the right application right away :-/
  4. I have just tried to re-download Evernote, but the indexing thing isnøt happening and I still can't se any Evernote notes in my Spotlight searches. Do I have to delete all the notedata as well?? Not only the program? Because after the installation of the new Evernote (direct) - it asked to use the existing notes. And I said yes. So maybe that's the problem? Would be great with some help :-)
  5. I have Evernote on both my computers ( Imac and Macbook Air). On my Imac the default mail app is Mail - but on my MBA it is Outlook ( I used Outlook as my mail client at a time). I want to change the default mail client, so my saved mails open in Mail, when I doubleclick on them on my MBA as they do on my Imac. I have attached a screenshot.
  6. It worked it worked ...thanks so very much for your fine guide and guidance
  7. Hi Christopher Great thank you - it looks very cool, I will try out your instructions right away. I hope it will work, I'll update in this thread Kind regards Tanja, Copenhagen Denmark
  8. OK. It looks like there is a fix to having my Evernote notes show up in my Spotlight searches. But when I read your replies through I become a little nervous, because even though I do understand computers ok - I'm no expert. And some of you mentions procedures, I don't dare try. Have I understood this correctly (by the way both my Evernote and IMac are running the latest versions of things) First I need to delete everything Evernote related from my Imac. (How do I do that the best/easiest way?)Then I need to download the Evernote app fra the website instead of from the App storeThen I need to get all my notes back from my back up in the web version (how do I make sure, that it synchronizes 'the right way'?)If this doesn't do it - there's talk about reindexing?? I really really miss this feature - spotlight is such a cool tool - but I'm afraid of messing things up. If any of you have the patience to go through the fixes and spell it out clearly (not taking too much computer knowledge for granted - only the basics), then I would be very grateful for your help. PS: The 'mdimport command' talk 'scares' me....
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