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  1. Agreed. On iOS, I get an ad to buy Evernote for Business and all manner of other products each time I launch the app. Annoying, especially when I already pay for Premium. So, what, I need to buy every product Evernote offers to get the ads to stop?
  2. 5.6.2 beta (Direct) here, but no joy. Any tips on a forced reindexing?
  3. Loving Evernote 5 for Mac and am using it more than ever. However, the "Sort by" options currently found only in the drop down submenu need to also be added to the main menubar, probably in the View menu. This way we would be able to add keyboard shortcuts in order to quickly change sorting options (e.g., by Title or Date Created, ascending vs. descending order, etc.)
  4. It has happened a couple of times since the initial upgrade process. It its 100%+ and when I notice it I quit out (command+q) of EN and then restart it again and it is normal cpu usage. Yeah, it's not a thumbnail issue. Something is causing a grab of CPU cycles. From my Activity Monitor: Evernote, 229.8% CPU, 19 threads, 218.4 MB memory usage while idle. This happens every few hours, sending my MacBook Air fans into overdrive. I need to quit and restart Evernote to send CPU usage back to normal levels.
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