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My Evernote won't sync.

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I run Evernote on six computers and two tablets. It's works fine on all of them and ran OK on this one until today. Now it just won't sync. I get a note that says, "Can;t connect to server. Try again later." I deleted the program and reinstalled it and now I get the same error message just trying to sign in. I made sure my Windows firewall was set right and even offered the thing a nice piece of cake but to no avail. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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I'm currently experiencing a similar, if not the same, problem.


Starting earlier today my Evernote was not able to sync. I logged out of Evernote and tried logging back in and it wouldn't allow because the server couldn't be found. I checked my laptop and was able to sync and login just fine (plus I can login here to the forum and web client).


What's going on?


Edit: I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, rebooting, and updating to the most recent version. Still not working.

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