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  1. I'm on Yosemite and have updated to 5.6.1 and I can not sync either. I am getting the server error. Has anyone found a solution?
  2. This is an old topic, and I am not sure if you are going to see this, but, a few months later, the problem is happening again. Any docs attached to evernote are not working right when I search for words within them. Instead of finding the word, the whole page gets highlighted in yellow as if it all matches the search criteria, which is obviously not right. i re-downloaded Evernote from the site and reinstalled, and it still does it. Any suggestions, or any more info you can provide, would be very helpful. I run Version 5.3.0 (401872), on an Intel iMac, OSX 10.8.5. Thank you!
  3. Thank you for clarifying this for me. I appreciate it!
  4. Hi all, I am running EN on a Mac. Mountain Lion 10.8.4. EN is Version 5.2.0 (401472), and I am a premium member. I have added some Word Documents to notebooks earlier this morning. This evening, when I try to search for words that I know are in some of these documents, all it shows is the attached word doc, and doesn't highlight where the word is, like it does when it finds words in a PDF or photo. Is this just the way it's set up, or am I doing something wrong? I've attached a Skitch screenshot here, with some of my personal info blocked out, to show you what I see when it finds a doc that has the word in it. When I open the doc shown it doesn't highlight the word, which I guess would make sense if it's an attachment and using a separate program to open it? Thanks for your help! Evernote.pdf
  5. Ok...I came here to ask a question about 5.0.4, but hope I'm not interrupting anything, lol. Has anyone found the new version to run slow? I am on a Mac, running Mountain Lion, and upgraded from 5.0.3 to 5.0.4. Now, when using the search box to look for something in EN, it sometimes lags, and I can watch it type many seconds afterwards. Wondering if it's EN, or my Mac, or both. Have you had any issues with 5.0.4 like this? Thanks so much!
  6. Hi! I have single notes that I share with people, by copying the share URL and pasting into an e-mail to them. Is it possible to somehow track how often someone views those? They are written posts with information and I'm curious if the people who get them are reading them and how often. Is this something I need to do outside of evernote? I am not good at using code in posts, but do take direction well, lol. If you have any suggestions or thoughts on the best way to do something like this, I'd appreciate it! (I did see something like that in this post: http://discussion.ev...blic-notebooks/) But it deals with public notebooks. These are just single notes I choose from various notebooks I have in EN, that I want to share individually. I hope this makes sense and I look forward to your thoughts! Thanks so much!
  7. I see an update available in the mac apple store for my evernote mac app. I am running Mountain Lion on an iMac. Each time I try to update, I get an error message. ERROR 1004. I've attached a screenshot of what I see. Each time this happened I see the option to retry, and it keeps giving me the same response. Has anyone run into this problem before on a Mac? Is it a Mountain Lion issue? Or something else? Thanks for your help!
  8. I, too, am having this happen and it's extremely frustrating, especially when the highlight is very far from the actual text it's supposed to be highlighting. I used to use Evernote Desktop on 2 different macs in two different locations... I found that Mac #1 always worked perfectly. Mac #2 is where the highlight box would show up in the wrong place. It worked some of the time, but it didn't always. It was nowhere near as consistent as Mac #1 was. I no longer use Mac #1, and unfortunately Mac #2 is the buggy one. I understand that forums are where power users tend to show up, and I also understand the importance of keeping a balance between all types of users, so that everyone is happy. However, if Evernote isn't doing what it's supposed to be doing, regardless of how much a user uses it, it needs to be addressed. I've been using Evernote for YEARS, and I am a premium member who relies on Evernote every day of my life. I don't often post here, but this bug is bugging me and slowing down my efficiency as I work. I felt compelled to add my name to the list of people who are experiencing it. I hope Evernote can reproduce it themselves, so they can find a fix, or at least, find a user who is and look at a screenshot or video, or gather as much info as they can from those of us who do experience it. I'd like to know they are making a legitimate effort at fixing it. The longer it goes, the more frustrating it becomes. Evernote is such an amazing app, and has made such a huge difference in my daily life, that I hope those who created it to make our lives easier, are able to fix a problem that is getting in the way of the very purpose of the app.
  9. I like how you guys think. This is really good help! Thanks so much!
  10. Yeah, even better. I like that option. That's a smart way to use it. I really appreciate the help! This is really kind of you!
  11. Ah, that's good to know. So, it's best to copy from the doc, into a new note and go that way. Perhaps that's the way to go? I just hate having to do it that way, ya know? I'd rather just drag in... but having it searchable is important. Thanks guys!
  12. Hi, I LOVE EN, and am considering a Premium membership and wanted to ask a potentially stupid question, lol. If I were to import a Word Doc into EN with a premium membership, will I be able to edit that document in EN? Right now, I convert things to PDF and import PDFs which I obviously can not edit in EN, and I am hoping to be able to do that with Word. Thanks for any help you can offer!
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