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  1. I'm currently experiencing a similar, if not the same, problem. Starting earlier today my Evernote was not able to sync. I logged out of Evernote and tried logging back in and it wouldn't allow because the server couldn't be found. I checked my laptop and was able to sync and login just fine (plus I can login here to the forum and web client). What's going on? Edit: I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, rebooting, and updating to the most recent version. Still not working.
  2. The password is case sensitive. Are you sure you're typing it in the correct case? Are you able to decrypt this exact text in this exact note in the web client or on your laptop? IOW, perhaps you used a different password when encrypting this text than you used when encrypting some other text that you were able to decrypt earlier? I'm positive that I'm typing it in the correct case. The decryption password for the exact note in question works on the web client and on my laptop, but not on my desktop anymore.
  3. I have a variety of very important information and passwords encrypted in my Evernote account. The decryption password is no longer working on my desktop, but it worked earlier on my laptop and it works on the web version. I am not mistyping it. What is going on?
  4. Hi. I was just wondering whether or not there was a way to remove the thumbnails to the left of note titles in mixed view as I don't find the thumbnails to be terribly useful. Thanks in advance.
  5. wsp: I have acknowledged that. That doesn't necessarily mean I'm satisfied. As for tags: honestly, tags and sub-notebooks are two totally different animals as far as organization and function go. With that said, tags do nothing for me.
  6. I'm looking to replace Evernote because, simply put, I can't wait or hope any longer for sub-notebooks to be implemented while my piles of notes just continue to build without a smooth hierarchical to organize and view them. I greatly enjoy the functionality and style of Evernote, but I simply cannot do without sub-notebooks any longer. With that said, can anyone recommend something with this feature, along with the same basic functions of Evernote; cloud based, free/subscription models, secure, etc. Thanks in advance.
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