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  1. Both Android and Windows can do this. In both of them, this appears as a keyboard options.
  2. Have you tried the app Screebl? I find this works well with my Samsung devices and rapid timing out.
  3. I think if I was going to create move than one list, I would not create sub-lists by type (like toiletries), but by trip type. So I'd have a camping trip I I day business, week long conference, and so forth. I like the double checkbox idea.
  4. Higher Ed

    What DTLow describes would work in a Samung tablet which does offer split screens and, of course, Windows.
  5. I'm also having q camera/scanning in a Nexus 5X. Today it took the photo and then closed up.
  6. My observation in terms of straightforward note taking is that organized speakers/teachers/presenters yield notes that are also organized. Disorganized folks produce disorganized notes.
  7. As I've noted elsewhere, I used the template as a planning calendar. I could also see them as being useful for event calendars or schedules. Sometimes you don't want the detail of a group event on a true calendar.
  8. I've used the Evernote calendars as planning calendar when working to move houses this summer. It helped to layout the two months. I could spot bottlenecks and empty spots where I could fill in with tasks.
  9. Near as I can tell the clipboard memory is strictly a Samsung feature. My Nexus phone doesn't have it, but my old Note 8 does. Personally, I wish windows had it! On my note 8 Samsung keyboard, there is an icon in the right corner that to me looks like a D-cell battery, but I think is a clipboard that will bring up that clipboard memory piece.
  10. In the past, I've found that if I have have a chart with bullets, checkboxes, etc inside it that I can't edit it on Android.
  11. Also, it has been my experience that very few users actually use the forum or read knowledge base articles or blog posts. So even if they satisfy some folks here, most nonpaying users never discover this workaround and decide to either stay or go.
  12. I stand corrected. I think it would be fun to go Firefly, but I can't remember exactly what was used other than "brown coats" and I don't think you want to be that. If I wanted to be snarky, I suggest reaver. Edited to add: I've changed my title, but I 'm going to follow the obscure geeky theme and pick a title from a series by MZB.
  13. I believe it was a reference to Firefly. I would have never watched if it hadn't been for some long ago Evernote employee and a silly title system,
  14. Find a month that the first is a Sunday, change the title to January, add 31 if needed. January is good to go.
  15. They made the calendars editable. And I'd guess that you already have templates for each of the seven variations a month can have. You just need to charge the month title and possibly add or remove numbers at the end of the month.