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Sync audio with the typed in text (Like Notability)

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Evernote allows you to record a meeting that you're in and take notes.


But it doesn't sync the audio with the notes.


So if I'm in a 2 hour meeting, and later realise that I was unclear about a certain point, I need to struggle through 2 hours of audio to listen to a 10 minutes section.



Can Evernote make an update to the product to sync the text with the audio?

Many note taking products do this, Notability being just one of them.



If I need the section of audio, I just select the text that I was typing when that part of the conversation happened.


This would allow me to rid myself of Notability, and just use Evernote for everything.





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This would be awesome.

Even if for example - while the audio is recording, I start typing a note, evernote could immediately prefix that section of text with the minutes:seconds value of when I typed that text?



[04:23] text


This would be a great start, but of course what the OP says about selecting text and making it go immediately to a particular point would be ideal.



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+1 and Khaled suggestion is a good start.


It would also be great to have this work while reviewing the audio.


I record meetings, take a few notes, then review the recording and add additional notes, so having a link automatically added during review would be useful.


Just one other thing that would be really really helpful, would be to be able to replay at 2x or even faster speed and go back to normal at the interesting bits.

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I was a long time user of Microsoft's OneNote for Windows.  OneNote has this feature and it is incredible.  The OS X and iOS versions of OneNote do not have this feature.


How does Evernote do everything it does and not have the ability to index audio recordings while taking notes.  Please add this feature.

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It's for this reason I have never bothered to use the Evernote audio for anything significant. I would be fooling myself, pretending that I'm going to listen to anything above 2 minutes at a later stage. This sort of feature would actually get me to use the audio recording feature.

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Until/IF Evernote adds this feature, you can use AudioNote on the Mac and iOS devices, which will sync via Dropbox.

It provides the feature you are asking for.

Of course, you can also attach a AudioNote file to an EN Note.


I have used AudioNote for over a year now, and find it works quite well.

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Huge +1 on this.
I'm a 'free' Evernote user today, and would happily subscribe if the team added functionality the same as AudioNote.
Otherwise, I'll keep using OneNote, which has this feature, yet doesn't allow me cross-device (iOS and Windows) access to my audio recordings. The key differentiation Evernote could provide vs. OneNote would be cross-device/cloud access to all my note-taking, audio recordings, saved images, etc.

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