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  1. Count me in on requesting a feature that renames an attachment using the note title. I'd love just a simple button to press and "bam!" the attachment is renamed to the note title keeping the existing file extension (e.g. pdf). Multiple attachments can be serialized to avoid duplicate attachment names. Currently, I scan a bill in, then I title the note, select the note title, right click, then copy the title name, then right click, rename attachment, then paste, then hit "rename." When you're dealing with a lot of different scans, its a cumbersome process. Scanning to some folder, re
  2. This request is longstanding, I wish Evenote would at least tell us yea or nay as to whether they plan on implementing it.
  3. Yes, please give us an update. Will you add the feature and when?
  4. I too wish the audio synced with the notes. Hard to believe that's missing. Please add this feature.
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