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(Archived) Update for Pre

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I don't have the full list, but I think the major things were: better support for network errors (so you wouldn't end up back on the login screen after any network error), and support for panning on large images in notes. There was more, but I don't remember for sure.

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This is by no means a post to complain, but I really am curious: why the delay in posting the update? I know that Palm just posted 1.0.4 to fix some security issues (I'm guessing, the ability to install an app via email attachment, which is tres bad from a security perspective). But, not sure what could be the holdup re: Evernote.

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Unfortunately, for both Palm and Apple, we have no way to give out application updates directly. We submit the changes to Palm/Apple and wait around until the update magically appears in the App Store/Catalog.

We gave the update to Palm over a week ago ... we're in the same boat as you are.

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Here's the notes for this release:

* Login using an incorrect username and password will provide better error messages.

* Users can launch the application when the devices is experiencing connectivity problems without having to re-authenticate.

* Users can pan horizontally and vertically in notes.

* Evernote will support the "back" gesture to Save a note.

Will look for a better place to put these in the future.

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Thank you guys so much!

The image scrolling is perfect and the backswipe = save is nicely intuitive.

I love the product and am keeping my fingers crossed for some local caching ability on the Pre.

I recommend Evernote to pretty much everybody I meet!

Thanks again!

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"I've heard that the Pre update has been released by Palm, although I haven't confirmed this myself. Try updating from their catalog."

The catalog was updated today, but Evernote does not appear to be among the apps included.

Was the latest release of Evernote rejected? Or just stuck in what might be a very long queue?

Also, what's in this latest version?

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Hrm, there seems to be something odd happening in the Catalog. We're checking with Palm to determine why the new version isn't being displayed.

Thanks for the reports

Any update from Palm? My guess is that they've got a big queue now, plus with the push to get the new catalog up...

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Well, I'm now running the new version, and unfortunately I'm getting the same connection errors from a few versions ago. The first time I ran the app, I connected fine but received numerous "Network Error" messages. Restarting the app resulted in it asking me to login again, and then I received a "can't login offline" error or somesuch. Now, I'm connected, but no notes are showing up. Hitting "Refresh Caches" results in another Network Error.

This was as connected via a strong wifi connection. Turning off wifi and connecting via EVDO, and hitting "Refresh Caches," has so far resulted in a continuously spinning circle and no notes. I'll update if I get anything via EVDO.

Update: After 30 minutes or so on EVDO, the circle's still spinning and no notes.

Update 2: Turned wifi back on, no go. Unfortunately, the app is now unusable.

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Local caching is going to be tough ... the Pre currently restricts apps to only 5MB of storage, and we've heard from Palm that they plan to reduce this to 1MB per app.

Without local caching, I personally can't use Evernote for anything important. There are times when a network available but a person needs access to their info. I like Evernote and would love to use, but this is a deal-breaker.

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I notice the new version keeps telling me whether or not Evernote is online or offline, even when it's not running.

Unless Evernote is doing something interesting in the background, it should not be telling me its status while it's not running.

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Thanks for the report, that's good to hear. Once in a while, OS upgrades fix problems for us instead of just creating new bugs for us to fix. :-)

I hate to say, but the improvements were short-lived. I posted this as another topic as well, but then remembered this thread. All of the issues I'd identified before have now resurfaced.

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