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  1. Yes, I have a smartphone, but would never use it to "scan" pages, as it would be pretty slow and cumbersome compared to an actual scanner. I did in fact buy the MX892 and it's been very good so far. I do have issues with it jamming if I try to put in stacks of paper that have previously been stapled and thus kind of "pressed together" more than usual. The other annoyance is that it doesn't seem to like using the sheet feeder for documents that aren't 8.5x11. It could be that there's a trick to doing non-standard sizes, I don't know I'll have to look into it. Other than those two gripes, it works great, does both single and double sided scanning. I thought the double-sided functionality would be really useful but as it turns out probably 99% of what I've scanned, maybe even more, is single-sided. Oh well!
  2. Well, it's not under $100, but it looks like it has double-sided adf. Pixma MX892: http://www.amazon.com/Canon-MX892-Wireless-Printer-Scanner/dp/B007CGULSQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1344865685&sr=8-1&keywords=pixma+mx892 Same price at my local Best Buy, so I may go out later and pick one up. Let me know if I'm making a horrible mistake. ;-)
  3. I've been wanting to go paperless (mostly) for a few years now. Initially it seemed I'd have to spend at least $250 on a scanner with a sheet feeder and Evernote software, but the more I read it seems like you don't need specific software for Evernote if you can set up a "watch folder"? So I guess I'm wondering really if this is true or if the software for scanners that is specific to Evernote has any value add to it or if I can truly cross that off my list? Also, it seems like there's much more of a selection of scanners that have multi-sheet adf as part of an All-in-one printer/copier/scanner device. I actually have an All-in-One Epson but it's an older unit without ADF. It has a flatbed that I use right now for occasional scanning. But there seem to be a bunch out there for $100-150 or even less than $100. I know to some extent you get what you pay for, but since cost is definitely an issue with the budget I have, I'm wondering if there is anything that will work ok that is $100 or even less. One that I've seen is the PIXMA MX410. Some of these units state that they can do 2-sided printing, but don't specifically say 2-sided scanning, so I'm wonderin if I should just assume one implies the other? I think having one of these will actually motivate me to start my project of going paperless, as the hurdle of having to scan everything sheet by sheet is too much at this moment. Even with the convenience of a multi-sheet feeder, it's still going to take months getting my filing cabinet emtied out! :-/ Thanks for any words of advice and wisdom!
  4. Yep: http://developer.palm.com/index.php?opt ... le&id=1806
  5. There's no forum devoted to forum issues, so this was the most "genera" place I could post this. Months ago I subscribed to a forum as well as having many subscribed posts. I was getting email notifications from time to time but at some point (weeks ago, maybe a couple of months ago?) they stopped. I've posted stuff recently and have not been notified of replies even though it says I'm subscribed to the post. I'm wondering if the forum's email functionality has been working for anyone else or am I just unlucky? Thanks!
  6. I'm a bit wary of doing photo uploads at the moment due to not (yet) having a premium account and no way to make anything but the original (~ 1MB) file to be sent. But anyway, there was just a tweet by @Tweed which seems to indicate that with 1.2, there might be new API hooks to do direct uploads of images without using email. Dave, you probably are aware of this already, but just wanted to let others know that perhaps the next update from you guys might have this functionality. I'm also hoping that those new hooks also have options for what size image to send...
  7. Today I tried to edit a note with checkboxes on it. I actually was expecting it wouldn't let me since in general Evernote doesn't let you edit rich text outside of the desktop clients (and maybe the web client?), but it let me edit it. The checkboxes didn't show up either when just reading it or editing. After I resaaved I looked at the version on my windows client and the checkboxes were gone. So fair warning, you might not want to edit stuff with checkboxes at this point since that info will be erased!
  8. I'm having a problem like that, but also it seems like my image (which is an original from the Pre's 3MP camera) when I click on it, it seems to enlarge but everything is pixelated. When I try to pan around with my finger it snaps back to a thumbnail. This doesn't happen with an old image I snapped with a different camerphone at just 640x480, that pans fine. Seems to be just these much larger images?
  9. So what did it take, about a week for Palm to get the update out? Seems a bit slow! I realize they are a smaller company than Apple, but Apple has to manage 50K+ apps vs. 30 (so far). Apple is not 2,000 x the size of Palm! Anyway, could you guys create a section for the Pre on your release notes page (http://www.evernote.com/about/support/release_notes/) ? Thanks!
  10. Opened EN on my Pre and was taking notes at a meeting. When I tried to save, it said error saving note. I tried a number of times and went back to the main card and tried opening an existing note which gave the same error. I had full data connection. I tried logging out and back in, and then my notes were readable again, but the note card I'd been working on was gone. Tried going into pending uploads but nothing was there, so it's gone. Guess at this point if I'm working on a longer note I'll have to do it from the mobile web version...
  11. I remember there was also all this talk a while back of liquid lenses for cellphones creating much better and more flexible optics, but as far I know this still hasn't been implemented by anyone...
  12. Thanks so much, Dave, I didn't realize stand-alone lenses were available. Also found this one: http://bit.ly/13RT9E And I'm sure others are available as well. It's too bad that we can't have interchangeable lenses on phones like I have on my DSLR, but I guess these come the closest. In general I've been very inpressed with the Pre's camera, so it's disappointing that this one usage will be challenging. My old HTC Touch could take pictures pretty darn close with great clarity, but in general the images didn't look nearly as good as on the Pre...
  13. Dave or anyone else, was wondering if you guys had had much luck taking pictures of text? It seems that you need to be at least two or three feet from something to take a picture that's in focus. I know the iPhone has/had a similar issue which is why Clarify made their case which helped modify the lens to take pictures of closer objects. Do you think they (or someone else) might make something similar for the Pre and partner with you guys? Are there any workarounds to doing this? My hope is that with a new update, we'll see better ability to focus on closer objects, but I fear that it's simply a limitation with the physical lens and so without somethgin akin to the Clarify case, we may not have a real solution...
  14. Thanks, Dave. That makes a lot of sense. Just hope that Palm fixes these issues sooner rather than later...
  15. So I decided to take a bunch of photos of my garden with the Pre's very nice camera so that I could create notes about which plants I have in which beds, etc. What I failed to remember was that the Pre doesn't have any way to control the resolution of photos yet, so Every shot I took added a few megs to my monthly upload amount and after 10 or so of these, I was almost at my limit! I still have a free account, although I'll probably pick up a paid one fairly soon. I still have another 9 days, so I'm giving myself a moratorium on photos for the time being, but if I have to upload one (or a file that's fairly large), then I'm upgrading this week. But thought everyone hear should bear this in mind as it's not obvious - my old WM let me control the res so I could take large numbers of shots without really having to worry about this. Here's a question for folks at EN: Given the current lack of comparability of the Pre Camera, is there any way that you guys could do some custom processing of Pre images when they come in? Basically my thought would be to shrink them to 1MP or so, and decrease the jpeg quality so that instead of taking up 3+ MB per image, they only take up 500K or less? This would be a huge help. Being able to control this more precisely would be great, but just enabling/disabling a kind of best compromise solution of lower res and quality (but not TOO low) as above would be great. If this can't be done as a kind of interim solution until the Pre's camera gets more configurable, I think I'll have to be pretty sparing with my photo notes...
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