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  1. Hi. I had the previous version of Evernote installed since August 09, but after the WebOS update in late December '09 by Palm the application won't run on my Palm Pre. I can stil access my notes online but really the convenience is having my notes with me all the time on the Palm Pre. I tried uninstalling the app, and then going to the App Catalog to install the Evernote app. After the install a popup comes up "Restart Required, System Adjustments must be made beofre installation can continue" with buttons for Cancel and Restart. When I click Restart, it says "Updating the System - do not remove the battery" and then the Palm logo appears. After two minutes the Launcher comes up and I can see the Evernote icon but with a yellow warning sign on it and the app does not run. Clicking on it brings up instead the App Catalog with warnings next to several applications. What's going on? Is the current version of Evernote not compatible with the current version of WebOS from Palm?
  2. Hi, any update for the Palm Pre coming out - ? We are really hoping for 'catagories' - thank you for your activity on this product.
  3. Wonder if there will be any Pre update? Just wondering. Thanks for this app!
  4. That works, thanks. I'll try to memorize this step. I'm used to the menu option. Thanks for your response!! Using this method, I can move all my memos to Evernote (I have changed my memos a lot since my last desktop sync, so I can't use the Import tool.) Cheers! -- FreeTim
  5. Can menu items Cut and Paste be enabled for the Evernote on Palm Pre? We'd like to cut/ paste to/ from other applications, email, tasks, memos, contacts, web. Enabling the Pre's built-in copy feature for the cut / copy / paste should be fairly basic... it's in almost all the other apps... if you can do this on some future release that'd be very appreciated.
  6. This same thing happened to me. It was a busy time of day for EverNote, if that helps, approx 4PM yesterday. Strangely I didn't save the note, but still it ended up blank. Is there any way to restore a previous version of a saved note? That'd get us out of such a jam. Thanks, -- FreeTim
  7. Would really like the "notebooks" selectable instead of just all notes. Can this be added to the PalmPre app? Tags would be nice as someone mentioned, but for me "Notebooks" selection really vital when you have a lot of notes. Thanks so much for this app. The auto-sync is really great this solves a LOT of problems for me. I intend to replace "memos" completely with evernote. Maybe my task list TOO. Cheers, - FreeTim
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