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  1. No? The phrase "it makes no sense to spend development time working on a dieing 3rd party product" sure sounds to me like "I don't think you should develop for this platform." I don't need to explain. Someone from Evernote has.
  2. Simply put, there are a bunch of WebOS owners out there, that have no intention of ditching their phones. And people are continuing to buy. The question is "are there enough people with WebOS phones that further development is warranted?" Why would anyone come here and ask Evernote NOT to develop for any platform? The only reason I can think of is that this person doesn't own a WebOS device and is upset that their platform isn't getting enough attention. Stick to advocating for your own platform. It's not necessary to shout down the voices of those that use a different platform.
  3. Why did you feel the need to post this? Seems to me that if there are enough people FOR development to make it worthwhile, then it's worthwhile. If not, then not. I assume that you own another device and are looking for ways to get Evernote to add more staff to the effort for YOUR device. Right? This is about YOU?
  4. I cannot agree more. Evernote/Pre should start-up either with a menu offering options to add text/add photo/view notes/etc. Isn't that how the other mobile apps work? I don't mind tapping on a nice big "View" button to see my notes, if that's what I want. And the "view" mode should allow for seeing a list, no thumbnails. I avoid Evernote/Pre simply because of this. Of course, local sync (hint, hint) would help a lot.
  5. I see that there is no copy and paste. The other day, I had something I wanted to paste into Evernote, but was shocked to see no "paste" in the menu (it's there for other apps, albeit greyed out for apps where it doesn't make sense). This is standard, so can it please be added? Even if it's just text, it's better than nothing. However, ultimately, it should support anything that the Pre's "clipboard" can handle.
  6. Thanks. I seems like the two other big requests have been to filter by folder and two-way sync (so that the app can be used when there is no data connection). I know the second one is huge, but any ETA on the first one?
  7. Darn. When I saw it, I was so excited to see a new version of Evernote. But, alas, my happiness was shortlived. Outside of you needing to wait for Palm, any ETA on the next release?
  8. I see a "new" Evernote in the App Catalog today, but it's got the same version number. Was something new released? Or did Evernote just get a "bump" to the top of the list?
  9. Here are my settings (Preferences & Accounts): Account Name: Evernote Full Name: (My Name) New Message Show Icon: On Play Sound: Off Vibrate: Off Signature: (empty) Reply-to-address: squeff.xxxx@m.evernote.com (where xxxx is my secret code supplied by Evernote) Sync Show E-Mail: All Get E-Mail: Manual Default folders: Not yet available Under Login Settings: Mail Type: IMAP Incoming Server: http://www.evernote.com User name: squeff Password: (my password) Port: 143 Encryption: None Outgoing Server: (My gmail settings) So, when I open my e-mail "folder" on the Pre, called "Evernote," I see Inbox, Outbox, and then a folder for each on my Evernote catgories. When I open one of them and tap the refresh button (lower right), it slowly loads each of my notes in that folder. Each comes from foldername@null. However, when I open the message, it looks pretty good. My guess is that you don't have your incoming server settings correct. Note that the login is your Evernote ID, not your Evernote "secret" e-mail address. No idea why the folders came through, but not the content. One last thing: the behavior of "Manual" download e-mail has changed in WebOS 1.2. Before, just going into the folder may have forced a refresh. Now, with the latest OS version, you need to press the refresh button to get it to work.
  10. I was able to get IMAP working with Evernote, on my Pre. The downside is that the Pre won't auto download stuff in the folders. So, you have to open the folder and force a refresh to get the contents. It's messy (like how it shows that everything comes from title@null), but it works. However, because you need to manually download, you need to remember to download before you to a place that has no data.
  11. I notice the new version keeps telling me whether or not Evernote is online or offline, even when it's not running. Unless Evernote is doing something interesting in the background, it should not be telling me its status while it's not running.
  12. I see it's out there, today. What's different about this version? Bug fixes (I never noticed any before) or new features?
  13. Any update from Palm? My guess is that they've got a big queue now, plus with the push to get the new catalog up...
  14. The latest version available is 0.1.11, last updated 6/29/09.
  15. "I've heard that the Pre update has been released by Palm, although I haven't confirmed this myself. Try updating from their catalog." The catalog was updated today, but Evernote does not appear to be among the apps included. Was the latest release of Evernote rejected? Or just stuck in what might be a very long queue? Also, what's in this latest version?
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