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  1. Okay, so, it looks like support is next. It's just good to know that it SHOULD be working, and just isn't. Thanks for the help!
  2. Yes, sorry: we're both running the latest Android clients, and we're searching by keywords (i.e., just text in the body or subject of the note).
  3. I have a few shared notebooks that my wife and I use, some shared from my account and some from hers. We both have them set to sync offline (we're both Premium members). However, those notes do not show up in searches. Is this not a supported feature, or are we doing something wrong? Thanks!
  4. I tested attaching a Word document for the first time, saved to Evernote via Quickoffice Pro (their most recent version, which connects to Evernote). I could create the document in Quickoffice, and save it to Evernote. The document showed up in my desktop client and I could edit it from there and see the edits on the phone. However, when I edit on the phone and save the document, it doesn't save to the attachment and thus doesn't sync back up to the cloud (and down to my desktop). Is there a trick to saving it so that it syncs?
  5. This happened to me last night after I'd entered about a full page of story notes, but before I'd saved. A huge grrrr... I'll create a log and send it the next time it happens. Sent from my Transformer TF101 using Tapatalk
  6. Just ran into an issue: edited a long-standing note, and it 1) messed up the formatting of the note and 2) although it said it synced the note, the sync doesn't actually show up in my Evernote account. So, I'm going back to the shipping version and will check back in on the next beta release.
  7. Xoom?!? Who has a Xoom? Looks like a couple of Transformer owners here... :-)
  8. EP2008 - I see you have a Transformer as well. I would absolutely LOVE to help test the Honeycomb version myself, whatever its status.
  9. Looks like there's a Honeycomb update coming "soon": http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/news/201 ... editor.ars Any chance of getting a look at a beta?
  10. Okay, yes, I see that now. That helps immensely, thanks!
  11. Just noticed this issue, and I'm having it with the version in the Market on my Honeycomb tablets. Notes currently being edited just go away...
  12. I've been using Evernote for awhile now on Android, and on my phone I've been working under the assumption that unless really low memory levels are reached, returning to Evernote while editing a note will take me back to the same place. That is, I can start editing a note (or creating a new one), perform other tasks on the phone, and then return to the editing screen. On Honeycomb, however, it seems like once Evernote is no longer one of the recent apps that shows up in the list, a currently edited note is lost. When I return to Evernote by clicking on the icon or the widget, I'm taken to the Evernote home screen and the note being edited is no longer available. It's also not saved. Therefore, it seems to be completely lost. Am I missing something, or is this an issue with Evernote on Honeycomb?
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