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  1. Just tested it myself. It correctly edits the note, as it show up correctly on other devices, correctly shows the updated image/snapshot, but doesn't update it's own cache. Going back into the note shows the original. However, force closing the app and relaunching seems to clear the cache.
  2. I have saved a link to http://discussion.evernote.com, but everytime I have to click the Sign In button, I'm never automatically signed in. Is it supposed to work this way?
  3. The Trunk needs a back button. I was browsing around in there, filtered to find some nice apps. However, once I view a product/app there is no way to go back without either reloading the section, i.e. the hardware, apps, merch, etc. This needs to get fixed.
  4. You could encrypt inside the encrypt, tho you'd need to make your own software to extract/embed.
  5. When maximized, dragging the item onto the title bar (all the way up) will allow it to be removed.
  6. I uninstalled the extension and reinstalled, all clear now, but worried its going to do it again.
  7. I'll admit to running the latest Chrome, 11.0.696.50. Can't tell you when it updated tho, as thats automatic.
  8. One particular page I tried to clip has seem to have gotten it stuck and it won't upload any clips. Every clip thereafter just adds to the count. I don't mind clearing it out and losing those clips, but I don't know how. Any suggestions?
  9. How did you determine average size if you're limiting the size before it even gets into Evernote? Seems like you got the cart before the horse. If the size limit was larger and people were able to put large documents in, then your average would be a lot bigger.
  10. Until a recent beta, the Windows syncing only occurred while Evernote was actually visible on the screen. If you closed Evernote, the program would cease to run and no syncing occurred. A separate program was running to provide the task tray icon. The new betas will actually keep Evernote running in the background and run the sync on the scheduled times.
  11. Same here, 0.1.11. I'm still on webOS 1.1 tho. Perhaps when we upgrade to 1.2 we'll get the newer apps?
  12. In case you're not aware, there is an iPhone app for Secure ID. I think its called VIP Access.
  13. Evernote did the same thing to me. I retried numerous times within roughly 10 minutes with no success. However, the next morning it worked perfectly. Also, if the Pre is set to Airplane mode, Evernote still tries to connect and you have to wait for the timeout. I was trying to enter a couple of notes quickly and had to wait. I also went to the memo app to put them in.
  14. Scrolling around large notes seems to "bounce". A swipe up will also shift left or right slightly and then back. Kinda weird. Also, the buttons at the bottom of the note will overlap the note so that it can't be seen or clicked. I have a html clipped note that has a link at the bottom of it that I can't seem to read. And, while writing this, still having connectivity issues and it went into "offline" mode.
  15. The update is posted. Er, do you guys have release notes somewhere?
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