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Some of my PDF documents in notes, flash (Flicker)


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Some of my older notes (pre Evernote 5) that contain a pdf documents (not viewed as an attachment) flicker within the note.  This only seems to happen only on older notes (pre V5).


This does not happen with all of them, but seems to afflict older notes.    This never happened in previous V5 for windows.


Richard W


Evernote V5.0.3.1614 (269614) Public

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Just found this happening to me, as well, only with new notes (just scanned as PDF using Acrobat), and added to a note (EN 5+).... Just goes into an endless cycle of "flashing," or "flickering," and EN stops responding.


As a workaround, I've found that it stops flashing, and EN returns to normal, when I go full-screen with the Window.


Hope they fix this one soon - What a pain!

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Glad I found a few others experiencing this, as its been driving me nuts.  On my computer, its happening with every single pdf file -- doesn't matter old or new note/pdf, it just happens with all of them. Nice to hear something of a workaround with going to full screen, but since I save a ton of pdf's in Evernote, that's not really a solution. No comment here from any Evernote support staff?


If it helps, I'm seeing this on a Win 8.1 machine, fairly new computer, all up to date. Not sure if it has anything to do with it, but I'm running Avast AV and Comodo firewall. Using an ATI video card. I have Acrobat Pro on my computer (if that makes any difference). Nothing else of consequence running in the background. EN (271108).

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Previously, my PDFs flickered on an XP machine out of the blue, or so it seemed. The full screen solution worked. But, I noticed that I had the list of notebooks showing on the left recently and hadn't turned it off. If I used F10 to remove the list, the flickering stopped.

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Why is there no fix for this yet? I've seen a few new versions of EN come down the pike since this issue was first noted here, but no help!


Where's the best place to locate older versions of EN?  I use a great many pdfs, and can't continue with this flickering nonsense. It's driving me nuts.


Evernote used to be quite responsive to problems but lately it seems the company spends all its' time on adjunct software and not on the underlying work that made them popular in the first place.

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Using Evernote Windows Client.


For me, the flickering occurs more frequently with screen captures (jpg's not pdf's). It has occurred on many of the Evernote versions I have used.


It looks like Evernote is trying to fit the image into the available space and can't decide what width to use. When it happens I can stop it 100% of the occasions by manually moving separator line on the note panel just a smidgeon.

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