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  1. Same here. That new inline viewer is a big step backwards, IMHO. Very disappointing. But your tip does work, gazumped. Thanks for pointing that out (it's really not obvious).
  2. Found a workaround for anyone having the same problem. I deleted the existing Evernote installation, at which point the Windows store "update" continued, and succeeded perfectly. Worked on both of my "stuck" machines. Only bummer is that you have to log-in to EN again, but at least all of my data remained.
  3. I was anxious to try the new Evernote update this morning, but neither of my Windows 10 machines can install it? MS Just displays the error code 0x80070216 (see attached) Retrying does nothing - Just always the same error. The two machines had a combined 8 updates this morning, and Evernote's the only one throwing the error.
  4. I believe you're confused about Google's "free" stuff (Gmail, etc.) where data mining is what keeps the lights on. Google has a really amazing privacy record when it comes to its commercial (paid-for) services, such as Google for Work, and the Google Cloud Platform that Evernote will be using.
  5. I was thrilled to see that yesterday's update to the public Android app (7.9.3) finally included Google Drive integration (I'd been really looking forward to this). Two "bugs" I immediately spotted, though (I think)... The "onboarding" process is flawed... There's a little pop-up introducing the feature, and the only option is "Got it." Thing is, the feature was not there for me. I discovered (quite by accident) that I had to "Enable rich links" in the app's settings (which is off by default). That's really not obvious. The bigger issue, though, is that while Drive attachments now display perfectly on both of my Android devices (phone and tablet), the option (icon) to add a drive attachment only exists on my phone. It's still missing on my tablet (Nexus 7 2013). Both devices are running 7.9.3 and both have "Enable rich links" turned-on.
  6. Horribly slow for me, always (both the stable, and beta versions) What OS are you on? Windows 10 What browser are you on? - Chrome 50 What is the size of the first note that loads when you login? -976 bytes (rather tiny) What type of content is in the first note that loads when you login? - One short paragraph of plain text, followed by three links (URLs) Does slow loading happen all the time? Or is it sporatic? Constantly How long did it take to load before you could interact with the UI? ie. ~15 seconds How many total notes do you have?- 2415 Are you a customer of our Evernote Business offering? No What is the make & model of computer you have? Lenovo ThinkCentre M900 Do you experience this on other sites? No
  7. Please add another vote! We've been an Evernote shop for years, and love your stuff, but as we're retiring our Windows machines, they're being replaced more and more by Chromebooks, and the occasional Linux workstation, neither of which has native Evernote support. The EN web app is pretty decent (and getting better all the time), but things like offline editing & access aren't possible, whereas they would be with a (platform independent) packaged Chrome app. More and more, it seems we're depending on your web app, and your (excellent) Android app, but would really love to get back to true cross-platform native support (Wunderlist did a really great job with their packaged Chrome app, as a reference).
  8. Just found this happening to me, as well, only with new notes (just scanned as PDF using Acrobat), and added to a note (EN 5+).... Just goes into an endless cycle of "flashing," or "flickering," and EN stops responding. As a workaround, I've found that it stops flashing, and EN returns to normal, when I go full-screen with the Window. Hope they fix this one soon - What a pain!
  9. I installed the first v5 beta (for Windows) the day it was announced on the blog, and honestly, it was fantastic. Despite the newer features not yet being included (such as reminders), the performance & reliability was MUCH improved over v4 (I literally jumped for joy when I was able to use it all day without a "Not Responding...." error). However, at some point, I did the update, and got both Beta 2 and Beta 2 Hotfix installed, and it's gone completely downhill.... Really sluggish, the "Not Responding...." message all the time, waiting (forever) when switching views. Really went from a joy to a nightmare somewhere in one of those updates (either Beta 2 and/or Beta 2 Hotfix). Machine I'm running the beta on is an HP laptop running Windows 7. I've also noticed that the Activity log went from being pretty much error-free (when using Beta 1) to constant errors now. Here's a little clip of some of this mornings "flakiness" (during the time it kept "Not Responding..."): 10:18:27 [4132] Opened database: C:\Users\[redacted]\Evernote\Databases\[redacted].exb (537MB Fixed)10:31:04 [4876] TAS Reindexing 1 notes10:31:05 [4132] Commit failed: code=00000005, TRAN_SYNC_ERROR, error: "Can't sync (0x0101) updated uid=9095, text: "[redacted].pdf""10:31:05 [4132] Can't save HTML note, transaction commit error: TRAN_SYNC_ERROR10:31:05 [4132] PDF plugin instance didn't receive all data, error: abnormal completion
  10. Please add my vote for this feature. Like many others, I insert timestamps for every single entry in my client contact notes, and while I can "automate" that in Windows (Autohotkey), I'm constantly having to do it by hand on my mobile devices. I'd have to vote this as the feature I most anxiously await in EN!!
  11. I recently captured a number of images through the EN/Android app directly (using the Snapshot button within the app). Every time (literally, 100% of the time), the resulting Evernote preview has the orientation backwards (portrait images are shown as landscape, and vice versa). When I get home, I see that the Windows app shows the same - Always the incorrect orientation. Now here the strange part... If I click on the image in the Android app, it opens in the Android (native) image viewer correctly. Same on Windows... The image will always open correctly in any image viewer I choose. Stranger, still... I opened one in Windows, into Photoshop (where it naturally opened correctly), I did nothing but hit "Save" in Photoshop (didn't change a thing about the image), and lo-and-behold.... The Evernote preview was updated correctly. So, I learned that 1) The phone in the camera is correctly storing the orientation (since everything else will display the resulting image with the proper orientation), but 2) the EN preview generated from the Android side is screwed-up, and those errors are propagated across synced platforms, and 3) when EN/Windows is forced to re-generate a new preview, it does so correctly. Since this demonstrates that there's nothing wrong with the images, and that the problem is clearly in previews generated from the EN/Android app, does anyone have any suggestions to make this right? The phone is just a really common Samsung Galaxy S running the stock Samsung Gingerbread.
  12. On my laptop, delete is adjacent to the arrow keys, and I'm constantly "accidentally" deleting notes. Since there's no visual indication that I've done so, more times than not, I don't even know that I should be heading to Trash to "undelete." And the fact that emptying the trash (at some future point) does remind me to review what I'm doing, it often contains hundreds of deleted notes. I'm supposed to make time to stop and read every one each time, so the developers don't have to take the time to make confirmation an option? That's a diabolical design oversight in a product that's supposed to help us safely preserve "everything." I understand why some might not like it, and absolutely understand why some of us must have it (especially with some keyboard layouts). Make it an option, please!
  13. Forgive me if this has been asked, but I've searched, and come-up empty. In stark contrast with others who've posted about not being able to sync from Android, I have the opposite problem. Regardless of my sync settings, the app syncs every time I open it. For example, I currently have it set to ""Every 1 Day," and yet, it literally ignores that setting. I've tried (seemingly) every possible combination of "W-Fi sync only," "Sync data on power up," and "Sync Automatically" intervals, and regardless, they're always ignored. I wish I'd paid attention to when, exactly, this started happening, but it was within the last several updates (it was not a problem when I got this phone about a year ago). Phone is a Samsung Galaxy S from T-Mobile. Thanks in advance for any ideas.
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