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  1. When I clipped this as an Article in Evernote for Windows in Chrome in Windows 7 it looked perfectly fine and formatted normally. But after I've added a few highlights and synced, it formats incorrectly with all the text moved to a very narrow column at the far left. See https://www.evernote.com/l/AQjArx_UjfBPaoGNWn77_0cwunOjpo5YuJE/. Other similar clippings handled the same way came out fine. See https://www.evernote.com/l/AQgCsSTjBoBBN6fnzSMhyxqJBE7t_nCUTGs/. Any idea what's going on? Thanks.
  2. I myself found that workaround not just usable while awaiting a fix for this but perhaps even long-term, at until they fix the lag time from typing the title in a new note to getting the focus to be active and allow you to start typing in the body of the note. I use Tab to get there and the lag has been very frustrating. Now, there's no lag since I type in the body of the note right away (and usually just make the first few words what I want for the title, and it picks it up).
  3. That actually does sound pretty interesting. I could have only one Word doc in the given note and that would essentially be the note. Unfortunately, though, given that I'm using Windows, I don't have that option anyway, so I'm limited to seeing the Word attachment as an icon. Same for Excel, of course. The only document type that can be viewed inline with the Windows version of EN is PDF (which I have thus far found to be more convenient for me as icons).
  4. I agree: do limited, more basic work in the Evernote note, and go to a Word doc for indent capabilities and such as desired. That's where the rub is for me, though: once I decide an EN note should evolve to a Word doc, it would be nice to copy what's in there into the Word doc -- meaning, what, try to remember to never use indenting in an Evernote note? It's just awkward. Oh, well.
  5. Yes, I'm the OP and I'm on Windows. And it does show PDFs inline, but I have never found that to be useful, so I always have them show as icons, which is the same with Word and is fine for my purposes. Using Word in a local Office install, it opens almost instantly.
  6. Thanks. I'll try that. (Maybe this will also help with the lag from typing a new note's title to being able to type in the note body on clicking in there or using tab -- unless this is what that other pose and fix were actually talking about, which is also useful but may not address this random bouncing to the title). It occurred again a few minutes ago, before I deselected "focus to title in new notes," and I'm pretty sure all I was doing was moving around the text in the note with arrow keys.
  7. I don't suppose that knowing all this provides a way to use some kind of "converter" to make it carry over. Probably can't be done, at least not in a practical way. Agreed?
  8. I have 585 notes (and half-a-gif enx file). I assume none of that even remotely approaches the levels that could start to become unwieldy or explain the lags I experience. (Those lags have always been there. I'm sure it's just the nature of the beast, until a major upgrade is released.)
  9. My exb file is half a gig. (I don't know how to find the number of notes). I agree adding those Word docs is extra work, no question, and shouldn't be done unless the basics in EN are too limiting. Which they become pretty quickly. And I, too, have no problem doing bold and italics in an EN note. Highlighting works fine, too. But indenting for me is a basic that I use very often for a simplified outline structure, and it concerns me a lot that I can't copy-paste that elsewhere without losing the indents I crated in EN. It's not just lost when pasting into Word, it's also other apps -- I tested it with a Comment in Smartsheet and it's lost there as well. Not cool to be that incompatible. (And you reminded me of something I almost forgot, which is the outlining feature in Word. Plus, in Word I can go to Web view for a full-screen layout similar to the EN window.)
  10. Right. Got it. (And PDFs are even editable with the right software, and saving them syncs just fine.) So, with searching Office docs being a paid feature, I assume you mean Office 360, correct? And once you're paid, does it find text within the attached Word (Office) docs?
  11. I just found another reason to avoid putting much text into an Evernote note: simple formatting like indents with Ctrl-M are lost when copying and pasting into a Word doc! I use Word in the Office suite, and Evernote searches do indeed find text within those attached Word documents. So, when you say you use a dedicated app, do you then attach those docs into the Evernote Note for organizing and syncing?
  12. Windows 7. (I assumed my saying I use the "Ctrl' key would be a giveaway, but I should have made it clear.)
  13. I find the text editing in Evernote to be so inefficient and archaic that I'm tempted to just create a unique Word doc for each Note where I want any significant amount of text. I'm not doing anything fancy, Just indenting, occasional bolding/italicizing, pasting in URLs, and adding horizontal lines. Yet even that gets unwieldy in Evernote. Actually, my main concern is the lag times when creating a title for a new note and then wanting to start typing in the body, and when actually typing in the body. (Having Evernote today flag "Evernote" as a mis-spelled word in the body of a text may have put me over the top here, but those lags have always really bothered me. Plus, I just posted a question in a different thread here asking why it keeps popping into the title field when I'm typing in the note itself. It's just not nearly as efficient and crisp as typing and formatting in a Word document.) So, well, I guess my questions are of a very general nature, along the lines of: - Am I the only one who finds this to be a frustrating issue? - Is there anything I'm missing, or any hope of an overhaul in an upcoming revision? - Any pros and cons beyond the obvious to using this approach of attaching Word docs and entering/editing my text in there for each note that will have any meaningful amount of text in it? Thanks!
  14. I don't know what's causing this but when I'm in a note typing away I keep finding that the focus/cursor/whatever is no longer at the text location in the note where I was typing and is instead at the beginning of the title text and I'm typing there without realizing it. I have a lot of experience typing in Word so keep thinking I could be using some keyboard shortcut out of habit that I'm used to there, but it keeps happening when I'm pretty darned sure I'm not doing anything but just typing normally and, well, just hitting space, backspace, and my habitual "Ctrl-Sh-LeftArrow" to highlight words or "Ctrl-LeftArrow" to move back by words -- which don't seem to be the cause from what I can tell. It's happening really, really often. I type really fast so it's not easy for me to keep track of every keystroke, but I'm pretty sure I'm not doing anything unusual. I don't see myself getting anywhere near, say, the tab key when this happens (let alone Sh-Tab, for goodness sake). I guess eventually I may discover what's causing it, but so far I'm at a loss and it's really impeding my ability to type into a note. Any guesses what could be going on here? Thanks!
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