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  1. Evernote tech support has been great. Fast responses and they sent me a link to get 10.43 off their server. I uninstalled 10.44 and installed 10.43, and it's working fine.
  2. Thanks again for all the help! I have a paid subscription. I don't use EN often enough for it to be needed in the near term, so I guess I'll wait to see what new releases do. As to the Windows 7 vulnerability, I do periodic full system images to external drives, and will take the warnings to heart and do them more frequently. And work to get a boost of cash in here so I can get a new computer running Windows 10 already (and can free up the time to migrate everything to it). Once a new release is shown to be working okay on Windows 7, so you think I have to do anything to surgically remove what's on the machine other than the standard uninstall process before installing it?
  3. Thanks for the help and advice. EN tech support so far says it's not supposed to be a problem with Windows 7 but I probably have a first-level tech messaging me so far. They're having it looked into. I sent log files. Meanwhile, they suggest I go to the legacy version, way back. I asked why they can't send me a link to get 10.43 off their server and I'm waiting to hear back. (As much as Windows 7 is a security concern -- there's nothing I can do until the next infusion of capital comes in to buy a computer that can properly run Windows 10 since it's pointless to lose weeks of time installing all my business stuff on a machine that's very old -- and as much as I appreciate the advice, I'm not going to be downloading free software from a third-party site like Filehippo.com and installing it. I have a serious business to run in spite of the limited cash for a new Windows 10 machine yet.)
  4. Windows 7. Had the next-to-latest version of EN, took the option when prompted to update, but in the middle I clicked to open a note, which resulted in an error message. Couldn't open EN after that, so did Uninstall EN, reboot, download current EN (10.44.8)-- but running the setup file resulted in another error message, which is attached.
  5. I prefer to do image backups of entire drives. I have my OS/Apps on Drive C and my "data" on Drive D. In the past, I directed the Evernote local files database to reside on Drive D. However, since going to the new release it seems to no longer use that at all. It's been a few months now. I have a hiccup in my Windows and plan to restore from an image backup of the entire OS/Apps drive (Drive C) that I created a week ago. I assume there's nothing at all special I need to do in advance with respect to Evernote local files or anything, correct? Thanks!
  6. I myself found that workaround not just usable while awaiting a fix for this but perhaps even long-term, at until they fix the lag time from typing the title in a new note to getting the focus to be active and allow you to start typing in the body of the note. I use Tab to get there and the lag has been very frustrating. Now, there's no lag since I type in the body of the note right away (and usually just make the first few words what I want for the title, and it picks it up).
  7. Thanks. I'll try that. (Maybe this will also help with the lag from typing a new note's title to being able to type in the note body on clicking in there or using tab -- unless this is what that other pose and fix were actually talking about, which is also useful but may not address this random bouncing to the title). It occurred again a few minutes ago, before I deselected "focus to title in new notes," and I'm pretty sure all I was doing was moving around the text in the note with arrow keys.
  8. Windows 7. (I assumed my saying I use the "Ctrl' key would be a giveaway, but I should have made it clear.)
  9. I don't know what's causing this but when I'm in a note typing away I keep finding that the focus/cursor/whatever is no longer at the text location in the note where I was typing and is instead at the beginning of the title text and I'm typing there without realizing it. I have a lot of experience typing in Word so keep thinking I could be using some keyboard shortcut out of habit that I'm used to there, but it keeps happening when I'm pretty darned sure I'm not doing anything but just typing normally and, well, just hitting space, backspace, and my habitual "Ctrl-Sh-LeftArrow" to highlight words or "Ctrl-LeftArrow" to move back by words -- which don't seem to be the cause from what I can tell. It's happening really, really often. I type really fast so it's not easy for me to keep track of every keystroke, but I'm pretty sure I'm not doing anything unusual. I don't see myself getting anywhere near, say, the tab key when this happens (let alone Sh-Tab, for goodness sake). I guess eventually I may discover what's causing it, but so far I'm at a loss and it's really impeding my ability to type into a note. Any guesses what could be going on here? Thanks!
  10. Jay Newman - jnewman@silver100.com - taoflow1. Pressing question, please. I have to restore my XP machine from an image backup that's about a month old. I have EN on that machine and my other XP machine. I'm sure I updated them when the last update came out, and I don't know if that was done before or after I made that image backup (12/4/13). I haven't made a great many changes to my data in that time. I assume I can just restore and then let EN sync to update the data, and do...

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