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  1. Thank you, the support had no idea. I uninstalled Evernote 10 as well as Legacy and removed all existing data. (ok, my old directory from Legacy was saved before) My Evernote directory under the Legacy version was changed to d:/ (Maybe that this is or is part of the problem, as with Evernote 10 it is not possible to change the place of the directory). After new installation and running Legacy I changed the directory to d:\ and copied the before saved files. Well now I have two times the Evernote notebooks locally, one in c:\ and one in d:\ Hartmut
  2. I am missing in Evernote 10.17.6 about 4.000 notes. The last standing is from July 5!! In Evernote Legacy 6.25, Evernote for Android (8.13.3) and Evernote Web are included all notes. I signed out, reinstalled, but no change. I have one local notebook in Legacy, but this notebook is empty. Evernote 10 shows me that I am connected, but does not synchronize. The Help Desk have no solution except to say update to Legacy 10 Hartmut
  3. Ok, but new stupid limits 1) I have exported a notebook to an enex file some time ago. Now I cannot import it's too big, Limit 200 MB Importif it works goes to a new Folder Importert(name of exported folder) when I want to move the notes I can only select 50 notes. Forget it, do it with Joplin Hartmut
  4. Ok, it is implanted now, not half a step to use Evernote as before the 10. But why cannot I not select the directory for the export of several notes, they are placed always in a subdirectory "Mynotes" of the directory I select and not in the directory I have selected and where I want to have the exported notes. example: I want to export to d:\holidays\france but they are exported to d:\holidays\france\mynotes Hartmut
  5. As mentioned in one of the former messages in this thread, for all who want to return to the old version under Android, read https://android.gadgethacks.com/how-to/permanently-stop-any-app-from-updating-play-store-no-computer-needed-0184063/ I was successful, and I am not bothered with updates to the 10, until the end of actual premium period I work with Legacy and Android version 8.13.3 Hartmut
  6. Hello, where you will get Android Legacy? I have installed a former version as describe above, but I cannot find a "Legacy" for Android
  7. in the last update it is now possible to import files. OK, you can import, but txt and htm files are shown as enclosures. To open them Evernote request to set a standard APP. But I have set a Standard APP for htm, txt and PDF files. Back to Legacy for the time and going on searching alternatives Ok in Legacy the imported files are shown as enclosure, and it is necessary to select the browser ro open, but pictures a lost. A direct Import via import directory is correct. I wonder if for the 10 there was a testing, or were the results ignored by Evernote?
  8. Legacy is for Windows and has no widgets. To have back the widgets on Android you must uninstall evernote 10 Android and install 8.13 apk. But you must synchroise all your notes. Or does anybody know were the offline notebooks are stored on the Android6device? Hartmut
  9. I tried today some exports and was confronted with the limit of 50 Notes to be marked and the export only to enex format. I am going to install Nimbis. Hartmut
  10. When essential parts of the APP will come later you should publish it as Beta, clearly stating what is not included. It's enough now, the New PC program was ***** and the new Android APP is too. Instead of creating new stupid enhancements the should for example give the possibility to store Evernote contents on external SD Card. Hartmut
  11. Thank you, sorry I forget to state its WIN10 and Evernote ist
  12. I would like to have the possibility to start/stop/pause the import from a import folder . regards Hartmut
  13. At first, I know the "Create internal link" command. The link created will link to the Evernote cloud. As I live in Germany there are a lot of places where I have no or a very poor connection to the Internet. Therefor most of my notebooks are for offline reading. I am looking for a way to link to a note in one of these notebooks to be used in other apps like Word, Excel or others. Something like: file://d:/evernote/578747/02527513-de3d-4cdf-abf5-e07f38297a2e Thank you Hartmut
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