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  1. Have to chime in on this one -- the new pop up for upgrading is constant and annoying as all hell. I see it each and every time I open Evernote. I'm on the latest version of the software, and am a windows desktop user. This level of nuisance is unnecessary; it is unlikely it will do anything to improve the numbers for upgrades by your users. It will however create some ill will with your company.
  2. I find myself getting a pop-up when I open Evernote on a Win 8.1 desktop that asks me to verify my email address. This is happening several times a week, and I have to chime in with some others here to say it is a bit annoying. This is a home computer, I'm the only person using it, and even if the case were otherwise, it would still only require someone to click in the verification box effectively saying, 'yes, that's my email address'. Therefore, what in the world is the point? Under those circumstances its just a nuisance. A box that anyone can click and then yield a particular result hardly seems to represent security. What it is accomplishing is making software the start time of which has dramatically slowed down over the past year or two, even slower since it requires additional communication with Evernote prior to my being able to use the software.
  3. Why is there no fix for this yet? I've seen a few new versions of EN come down the pike since this issue was first noted here, but no help! Where's the best place to locate older versions of EN? I use a great many pdfs, and can't continue with this flickering nonsense. It's driving me nuts. Evernote used to be quite responsive to problems but lately it seems the company spends all its' time on adjunct software and not on the underlying work that made them popular in the first place.
  4. Glad I found a few others experiencing this, as its been driving me nuts. On my computer, its happening with every single pdf file -- doesn't matter old or new note/pdf, it just happens with all of them. Nice to hear something of a workaround with going to full screen, but since I save a ton of pdf's in Evernote, that's not really a solution. No comment here from any Evernote support staff? If it helps, I'm seeing this on a Win 8.1 machine, fairly new computer, all up to date. Not sure if it has anything to do with it, but I'm running Avast AV and Comodo firewall. Using an ATI video card. I have Acrobat Pro on my computer (if that makes any difference). Nothing else of consequence running in the background. EN (271108).
  5. I was tremendously surprised when I noticed the other day that notes that I've encrypted are in fact at least partially visible in unencrypted form in my Note List. For example, info on an email login that I encryped in the body of the note, is plainly visible in the note list showing for that particular note. How can that possibly be? That can't be how you intended this to work, right? FWIW, I'm using Evernote on a Windows 8 desktop. The version of Evernote is (268868) Public.
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