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  1. As for importing notes, be careful. Notion does auto detect tables and takes them over to their own format - this butchers some notes like emails sent in html format and similar stuff. I really like notion, have been using it for some time now. But for my purposes, it is not an EN replacement. No way to store all data locally, no API (yet) and therefore no way to automate things, no indexing of document / image content.
  2. Well, I recently came across this video detailing the original vision of EN. I never saw it back in the day, but it sums up what EN felt like for me - and doesn't anymore. Today's Evernote? I do not wish them well, nor do I wish them evil. I wish they would revisit the visionary approach from back then instead of trying to become the zillionth collaborative project management tool.
  3. I have to correct myelf here, they have changed this, files are included now.
  4. I hear you, also trying to sit this out but slowly losing patience. But the export options are a mess almost everywhere. I haven't found a complete, yet simple (almost) humanreadable format like ENs html export anywhere (didn't check Onenote, as I just hate the look and feel of it).
  5. In theory, I absolutely agree, and in the last year I have rebuilt my workflow so that I can live (work) without Evernote, as it was becoming clear that the development has changed direction. In this special case, I still hold a grudge, because I used to love that app so much. It was such an effortless way to collect, file, organize and archive everything I need. It matched my way of thinking, if you know what I mean. Now for a while, with every update they change or take away things that came naturally to me. My subscription runs until July next year, and I still hope against hope that
  6. When exporting html, Notion does not include files, they're only referenced on the server. Big problem for me.
  7. Exactly! Lack of communication is EN's biggest problem. The resolution to give more information with the behind the scenes videos was a big disappointment. Going into the depths of GUI designing or search setup in a frontal teaching setup does not make up for lack of communication. As I see it, with every new version they are continuing to dumb down EN to make it more appealing to new users, abandoning or hiding features that made it unique for power users. I don't like that direction at all. At this point, I'm only still using EN out of laziness. Migrating > 20000 notes is a tas
  8. For a while now, in Gmail Webclipper is either very slow to appear after clicking the elephant icon, or does not appear at all. Sometimes, reloading the page helps, other times, it does not. Any ideas how this could be remedied? I've already tried deinstalling and reinstalling, but the problems persist. Happens in Chrome (version) on Windows 10. And yes, I have tried Evernote for Gmail add on, but come on. No searching for notebooks, just scrolling. No direct typing of tags. No way to add reminders. This add on is not useful.
  9. What I am doing right now is adding the cards to google keep. It does a great job in recognizing all the text, and you can copy it over to Evernote or anywhere else you need it. This way does not sync with the address book or linekdin obviously, but if you are like me and don't need these features, it's the best way I found.
  10. Nah, after my latest support experience, where I had to write back and forth for a week before someone even acknowledged my issue, I'll pass on support except for the most vital problems.
  11. Yes it is. it used to work great for me, and now it does not. The Question is, why? that's what I do now, too, but I would like to get the smart filing back.
  12. For years, webclipper has been impressively accurate in choosing the right notebook when I clip a webpage, even though most of my notes are in german. For a while now (2 weeks? a month?), it doesn't. It wants to send almost every clip, no matter the topic, to a notebook with content of a very specific topic, that is theoretically archived (has not had a new note since 2016). Content is not related at all to the new clips. I changed the option to using the default notebook for now, but I would like to have my intelligent sorting back.
  13. That is interesting, I had this scenario running a while ago via ifttt, but now, gmail doesn't turn up as a trigger. I wonder what changed? As has been said, Zapier can do that.
  14. No, you haven't, you just repeated over and over again that you'd like things to be different. But don't bother, your arrogant know-it-all attitude makes you the first name on my ignore list in this forum.
  15. That's exactly what I don't understand. If an app does not do what I need it to do, and developers have made it clear that this will not change in the future, I'll go and use a different app. Not complain about it for a decade. It's not like there are no apps out there that do it exactly the way you want. Repeating the same thing over and over again won't get you anywhere - EN is not a democracy, it's a privately owned company, and that means the software will be developed as the owners decide.
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