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  1. Thanks jefito! I am not bold enough to opt into beta testing, so I'll wait for the new public.
  2. New year, new Problem: I select a notebook from the List, create a new note. Save it, create a new note - The second note goes into default notebook instead of the selected Notebook. Looking into the left pane, "All Notes" is now selected. Not sure when this behaviour changed exactly, it used to be working (selected notebook stayed selected) back in September.
  3. chronistin

    Evernote for Windows 6.15 GA

    No, thankfully not. But I remember something similar happening with pdfs, a long long time ago.
  4. The X is a great idea for organisation. I use Z_ when I finish something but suspect I might need it again soon. when it's done for good, l just want it out of my view (but archived for later reference).
  5. I find it really interesting to see how different people use the stacks / notebooks / tags for organizing. I would like to hear more about different setups. Here is mine: My setup, which came "naturally" from working with EN for years, is this: Stacks for general areas of related stuff, like "Writing", "Photography", "Webdesign" Within these I have Notebooks for General Information on the topic Contacts for the topic One notebook for each active project An archive notebook Now, when a project is finished, I'll tag all the notes with the Project name, move them to the archive and delete the notebook. (I started this before I even knew there was a limit on notebooks, because I like to be able to see the whole notebook list without too much scrolling.) The only other instance where I use tags consistently are notes about events, so I know at first glance the context and where and when I wrote down the info / scanned the business cards. I admit, I have about a million old tags flying around from trying out different workflows I read about, and one day I'll get around to delete them.
  6. chronistin

    Evernote for Windows 6.15 GA

    I found 3 Problems - A new drag and drop problem or is the jumping cursor bug back? Dragging files into a note results in the files being added at the very top of the note, even though I drag them to the bottom (and can see the cursor blinking where I want them before dropping) - Inserting (text or pictures) via ctrl-v works only if you do it twice (have to press ctrl-v twice to paste) - Dragging stuff (text or files) within the note does not cause the note to scroll, i.e. when I want to move stuff to a place that is out of the window range, I have to guess where I am. [edit] Oh, one more thing (not sure if this is new or maybe even expected behaviour?): Pressing tab and adding a checkbox does not add another checkbox after pressing enter.
  7. I never understood the "war" between notebooks and tags. There are many different ways to use both of them, and every way that works for you is a good way. There is no "right" or "wrong" way, if someone tells you otherwise, they're just taking themselves way too seriously. ?
  8. It always depends on how you use it and how many notes you have, I guess. Worst thing for me in windows is the lag - start a search and wait minutes for results (~22.000 notes total) is my #1 problem, Image notes and business cards captured in Android not visible in windows unless I open the note in a new window is a close second. Also, search not finding notes which are definitely there (and contain the text I searched for) drove me to abandon ship a month ago. Today I caved and bought another year of premium at 40% off. Mainly because it was really difficult to migrate notes in "free". Selecting a note that exceeds the free size limit brings a popup ("note is too big and cannot be synced", paraphrasing here because I use the german version). right clicking brings the same popup. Whatever I tried, I always got that popup. I couldn't find any way to export those notes without upgrading. So, while I'll continue to move my notes, I guess I'll give EN another chance for that year. Maybe, just maybe, we'll have a usable windows client by then.
  9. Hm, I gave it a short testride today and the first thing I saw was a "migrate from Evernote" button, You may be talking about the old version? (I didn't try the import itself, but the option is there) No tags ( I could live with that), no doc search (no good). It has a nice look and feel, though.
  10. So, has anyone tried the new (?) Zoho Notebooks? I heard a lot of good things from a friend, but too busy to test it myself right now.
  11. chronistin

    The Great Big Brand Refresh

    This is not about purple highlighting, it's about showstopping bugs, such as syncing problems, invisible note content, software reaction times slower than I remember from the 90ies.
  12. Web version sorts by date updated by default, desktop version by date created. Could that be the source of confusion?
  13. That would be the best solution, wouldn't it? Make Evernote great again!
  14. Never tried the import thing because I'm taking the opportunity to do some reoganizing, but I can see how that would be a show stopper.
  15. In the current setup, Notion is the center where everything comes together. For instance, to finish a project I might need a few audio files, a text document, a spreadsheet and some photos. So I'll have a notion page where I make a checklist for the required material and for the todos, which I check off as it comes in, and add either the material itself (photos, audio) or links/emebeds to the files (for docs and spreadsheets). Writing and editing would be possible (and in some ways better) in notion than in google docs, but the team consens is to use google. You could then share the pages / subpages for others to add or edit things, but that's not something I need. There are also calendar and table/db options in notion which I use for other aspects of my work. What I'll be missing most from EN is the reading text in images, quickly snapping a page from a book/magazione for later reference. I've got text fairy on my phone now, it does a good job, but of course it adds an additional step.