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REQUEST: "Copy Style" and "Paste Style" (for text)



When I write lyrics in Evernote, I make extensive use of font colors and sizes to indicate whether lines are final, tentative, discarded, etc.


In TextEdit, Mail.app, and various other apps I routinely select text and use Copy Style (⌥⌘C) and Paste Style (⌥⌘V) to instantly apply the font, size, and color of the source text to the destination text. Those keyboard shortcuts are second nature -- yet they don't work in Evernote. In Evernote you have to manually adjust font, size, and color individually.


I'd love for these (arguably standard) commands to be added to Evernote. Since extensive rich-text support is already implemented, I can't imagine this would be a difficult addition.


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+100!  I copy and paste a lot of notes from other sources, then add/change them.  It would be GREAT to just copy and paste the format from one part of any note to another part of the same note (or even another note).  Just see how MS Word implements for an example.  One of their most used features.


- Jeff

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7 minutes ago, Santanu said:

Can not still find this feature. Is it really not there? 

This feature is really not there.  Hense the posting of this feature request
The request has 3 votes

The standard response to a feature request is to add your vote; voting buttons in the upper left corner

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