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  1. Everyone who used evernote for any practical use would understand how badly this feature is needed. No explanation needed.
  2. Present vote count is 53 on this thread alone, not counting the other duplicate threads for the same feature.
  3. Actually this feature request has more than one duplicate threads 2 votes -> 7 votes ->
  4. While copying and pasting text style is still not available, copying and matching style is available. I am using 6.11.1 Mac OS version.
  5. Anyone who uses Evernote for editing a piece of text would like to have this quintessential text editing feature. In addition I see value in the following too 1. Ability hyperlink within a note 2. Support for Markdown syntax 3. Ability to publish/export notes directly to blogging platforms like wordpress, export as word
  6. When will selective synching of notebooks be available for Mac and Windows versions?
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