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Advanced Search Operators for Reminders



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Hi Tomass,

To just add a reminder without a set date, just add the exclamation point to the subject, with nothing after it.

I will try and clarify this in the notebook at some point as well :)


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This was my mistake. I forgot that this will show ALL notes without a reminderDoneTime flag, including notes that had no reminder in the first place.

Similar to the other searches, you would need to include reminderOrder:* to force it to search for only notes with a reminder.


-reminderDoneTime:* reminderOrder:*

should give you the results you need.


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I realize that this is an old post....  


-reminderDoneTime:* reminderOrder:* is not working for me because if you hit a reminder as complete and then de-toggle it, it will still register true for reminderDoneTime:*


Any ideas?

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I was really happy with InsanelyADHD's solution, but just today I noticed that it stopped working. I was using "Notebook:ToDo reminderDoneTime:00011231 reminderOrder:00011231" to find completed reminders, but now it returns way too many results, including many incomplete reminders. Interestingly, in the web interface it still seems to work correctly.


I have reported the inconsistency of reminder search results long ago and repeatedly, both here on the forum and in support tickets, but to no avail.

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I found that using the "00011231" technique did not work for me in iOS.  So my search shortcut would work on the web but not my iPhone.

My search for reminders, as above,  with or without a due date is: reminderDoneTime:* reminderOrder:*


My workaround for turning the reminder back on is to add a date to the re-enabled reminder (usually by clicking on "tomorrow").


I have found that I am using the web version more and more since i use Windows and Linux most of the time on different workstations during the day.  I can't stand the web beta version.

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