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  1. Same here. I also wonder if one can search by the last_edited_by field...
  2. ok. Interesting. How do we work around this problem? I am really trying to get my business on Evernote and trying to implement a way where we can move projects forward using a GTD methodology but it seems that it just isn't able to manage it well. Thoughts?
  3. I wish I had saved it. I was quite surprised myself. However, this was yesterday. The lady told me that she didn't know of a workaround for nested tagging in evernote business and she suggested I go to the forums and ask there as maybe one of the advanced users had a workaround. Needless to say I didn't give her high rankings in the poll which followed the chat.
  4. @Metrodon - I contacted them and they told me tontact the forums!
  5. I see that there is a new Evernote Business 2.0 - I wonder if they have implemented this feature. I just spent my entire morning trying to implement nested tagging to all of my businesses notes only to realize that there is no nested tagging. What a massive bummer! I am trying to get my entire business on boarded with Evernote, however, the personal and business accounts are not equal. I wonder how "The Secret Weapon team" implements it. They seem to be using it in their company there must be a way that they use it. Anyone have any contacts with them?
  6. @spg SCOTT I tried inputting -reminderDoneTime:* as a search and it didn't filter only reminders which have been not yet completed. Any idea why? Thanks.
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