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  1. oh and the ability to add new reminders whilst looking at reminders? That was nice..gone now.. Seems like you need to create an entire new note now??
  2. The ordering of notebooks in reminders has changed from A-Z to....don't know? Date notebook created with latest first?? For me this is a horrible user experience. I have a notebook I use for my normal tasks which I want to see at the top and then have other notebooks below ordered to my preference. I renamed my notebooks using symbols (e.g !) to get them in the order I liked and now there's no way I can see to replicate this.. Any help/tips much appreciated and the ability to order notebooks when looking at reminders or to go back to alphabetical sort much appreciated..
  3. without meaning to be rude, this is my theory on that: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don't_Make_Me_Think I appreciate what you're saying and yeah, you're right...but I'm not asking for tips on how to use it I'm giving feedback on the product. 1 - I should be able to choose to auto sync as soon as I sign on 2 - 15 minutes should not be the lowest syncing interval...like 5min 3 - I should never have to think about syncing And I appreciate I'm using a free product and maybe 5m sync is putting too much demand but I didn't have that option when I was premium either. @BurgersNFries...sorry I don't have time to read that post nor fully understand how the syncing works... I'm just reporting what happened. I upgraded from 4 to 5 and all my shortcuts went. I definitely didn't delete them so I'm assuming that it has something to do with the sync...but perhaps it was the upgrade which directly deleted them then the sync just synced that action? Thanks for your replies...apologies if I'm a little blunt..pushed for time.
  4. I use evernote windows desktop at work, evernote windows desktop at home and evernote android on my phone. I recently upgraded my home machine to EN5 (work machine was already upgraded) and somehow during this process it wiped all my shortcuts because it decided that my evernote machine at home had made the changes and instead of it 'reading' the info on shortcuts from the server it 'wrote' it's information on shortcuts to the server.....seriously annoying! I spent a long time putting up notes, labels & notebooks into that shortcut section so that I wouldn't have to remember them. Now I'm just going to have to hope I can piece back together my shortcuts over time and won't miss out anything. I've had this happen a number of times where, when syncing something, Evernote has deleted information that's on the server because the device I'm using doesn't have it on rather than reading from it and putting that information on my device. Thankfully it's normally created an 'unsynced note'...even though it doesn't actually give you any notification of this.
  5. the phrase 'recognition is easer than recall' is very helpful in understanding how an interface for tagging should be designed. When adding tags to a document I'd like to be able to see all the tags I have (and see them in the way I've actually organised them...[for me that's in windows]) so I can quickly tick the ones I want, remember which ones I actually have and basically have an easier experience. The places I would like to see this are: evernote webclipper when adding tags android tagging interface ctrl+alt+t - adding tags on the windows interfact - would like it organised how I have thank you for the wonderful product you have created evernote peeps Best, Toma.
  6. Yeah, at the moment I've changed to re-writing the note's title or just adding a new note as a 'reminder' but pulling them out from within notes into a separate line (and including 'reminders' if desired) is the dream, lol.
  7. @Gazumped - there are quite a few on both playstore and apple appstore @jmichael - in terms of the stitching I meant like I can take multiple photos of one page and have it stitched together to make a higher res image of the one page - can the ios app do that? yeah, I guess another app is the best solution atm but hoping it's integrated eventually.
  8. it would be great if evernote itself did what some scanner apps do so you could easily and quickly scan documents with your camera, have them stitched into a high-res document and saved to evernote. also, this would include using the flash on the camera which you can't at present. Thx!
  9. workaround that I use is to save a note as a template with a lot of rows then you can copy and paste as necessary
  10. it would be great and very practical if keyboard shortcuts for actions displayed as buttons displayed when you hover over the button thx!
  11. alright, alright, you got me........it's not for new users at all....it's just for me. What can I say...I just love nested notebooks so very much!
  12. The context: many users are used to being limited by physical reality and so don't really 'get' tags, search and other evernote features - they understand a notebook and that if something is in a notebook it's in a notebook. My suggestion is for the following purpose: 1 allow new users to quickly pick up and 'get' evernote, and to be able to use it to do what they need it for effectively (using evernote effectively can feel more like a mindset than a skill sometimes) 2 futureproof said new users from being stuck in an old way that no longer works for them once they 'get' evernote and want to change aka reduce the learning curve whilst maintaining the features The suggestion: turn notebooks into 'notebook tags' essentially the interface would remain the same in that 'notebook tags' would be located where notebooks are now and they would be a different 'class' of tag (i.e can't nest them together) you could drag and drop notes from one 'notebook tag' to another (this would 'remove' the old notebook tag and 'add' the new notebook tag to the note) you can nest notebook tags as deeply as you like you can have the same note 'in' multiple 'notebook tags' why? new users can use them as notebooks it allows all users to have a primary division of notes (whilst still allowing some notes to be in multiple notebook tags) and still having normal tags to tag everything else with. in the future if they decide they'd rather have the notebook tag as a tag they can convert it to a 'normal tag' if the user starts to get the power of tags they can use their notebook tags in a more tag-like way, 'tagging' notes in other notebook tags or converting their notebook tags to regular tags if you never want to have notes in multiple 'notebook tags' you don't have to I haven't read every single post in the forum, far from it If I've repeated something someone else has said feel free to ignore me, link to another post or delete this thread. Let me know what you think.. Thanks.
  13. oh yeah and, after changing tags so you now have shared tags in your tags you removed the ability to multi-select tags....seriously...frustrating... oh, and you can't nest someone else's tags...so now my nicely organised set of tags has been invaded by something I never wanted nor can I remove...joy!
  14. Thanks Evernote team - really like the new look of EN5, it has a very nice feel to it. In terms of feedback: 1 - mixing shared notebooks and shared tags is really annoying - I liked having the tags, especially, separated out and not cluttering my tags up 2 - I don't have any value in the snippet or cards view but the list view doesn't have reminders?! 3 - ultimate view would be snippet view without the snippets - aka list size bars on the LHS like the notebook menu 4 - reminders are a bit bulky and take up a lot of space 5 - reminders don't show on 'notes' view? I want to see all my reminders across all my notes 6 - I like the new shortcuts tab and I liked being able to pin things to the top bar - I mostly clear everything out so being able to pint things to the extra space was very useful. My ideal would be to have both and I would use each for different things 7 - ctrl + alt + T: mirroring the organisation of tags in this view would be great 8 - organising things like notebooks by whatever order I fancy rather than by alphabetical or the option to change if I want It's obvious you've worked hard on this and there are some great improvements. I guess the lack of customisation on certain parts of the program where there's no need to 'have' to have it one way is frustrating. Thanks again for all your hard work. Best.
  15. Thanks for this gazumped.... one small request "Accepted values are: !tomorrow!day!YYYY/MM/DD" how do you email in a note and make it a reminder without setting a date format? - couldn't see that in your note
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