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  1. alright, alright, you got me........it's not for new users at all....it's just for me. What can I say...I just love nested notebooks so very much!
  2. The context: many users are used to being limited by physical reality and so don't really 'get' tags, search and other evernote features - they understand a notebook and that if something is in a notebook it's in a notebook. My suggestion is for the following purpose: 1 allow new users to quickly pick up and 'get' evernote, and to be able to use it to do what they need it for effectively (using evernote effectively can feel more like a mindset than a skill sometimes) 2 futureproof said new users from being stuck in an old way that no longer works for them once they 'get' evernote and want to change aka reduce the learning curve whilst maintaining the features The suggestion: turn notebooks into 'notebook tags' essentially the interface would remain the same in that 'notebook tags' would be located where notebooks are now and they would be a different 'class' of tag (i.e can't nest them together) you could drag and drop notes from one 'notebook tag' to another (this would 'remove' the old notebook tag and 'add' the new notebook tag to the note) you can nest notebook tags as deeply as you like you can have the same note 'in' multiple 'notebook tags' why? new users can use them as notebooks it allows all users to have a primary division of notes (whilst still allowing some notes to be in multiple notebook tags) and still having normal tags to tag everything else with. in the future if they decide they'd rather have the notebook tag as a tag they can convert it to a 'normal tag' if the user starts to get the power of tags they can use their notebook tags in a more tag-like way, 'tagging' notes in other notebook tags or converting their notebook tags to regular tags if you never want to have notes in multiple 'notebook tags' you don't have to I haven't read every single post in the forum, far from it If I've repeated something someone else has said feel free to ignore me, link to another post or delete this thread. Let me know what you think.. Thanks.
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