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  1. Thanks...this was just what I was looking for in trying to get a script to put an link inside of a note on OSX. Thanks again!
  2. Thanks to JMichaelTX and the post here....I found that I could modify my script to output an HTML <a href using the application URL. Works great now!
  3. The only option I have on the right-click menu regarding links is Link. I can choose to add which brings up the window to add a link. But the only text it will accept has to start with http:// otherwise, OK is grayed out.
  4. Good Afternoon, When pasting in or typing in a standard http URL into a note, it immediately becomes a clickable link. However when I insert an application URL such as message://%3cswdf44r2q3 of something of that nature it does not become a clickable link on Evernote 6.8 on OSX. If I save the note, and then open it in Evernote on my iPhone it is a clickable link and works correctly. I have tried simplifying formatting on the note as well as converting to plain text. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  5. Anyone know what the advanced search operators are for reminders? I'd like to build saved searches that list only reminders from say, a work notebook, with a P1 tag assigned. Thanks!
  6. One more workaround....BBEdit can use grep for find/replace parameters. If I take the text from the note, paste it into BBEdit(with a bunch of blank double-space lines), I can find/replace on ^\r and it will remove all blank lines. I can then copy from BBEdit to console, etc.
  7. Thanks Grumpy. I was afraid it was going to have to be something like that. Interesting thing though is if I create the text in a new note and then paste it into a text file, it comes out okay(1st line is messed up though). It seems to be pasted text or drag/dropped text files that don't copy out well.
  8. I've read a number of forum entries concerning pasting text into Evernote and getting double spaced lines in the note. What I'm trying to do is take text in Evernote and copy it out into a text file. It seems when I do this, I get double spaced results. For example, I create some simple text in BBEdit. Then I copy and paste the text into a new note in Evernote with no problem. But when I then copy/paste the same text from the note I just created back into a new text file, it comes out double spaced in the text file. I've tried simplify formatting before copying the text out of Evernote. I've also tried pasting into Word, TextEdit, vi, etc and the pasted text from the note always comes out doublespaced. The reason I use this is because I typically log config files(rc, hosts, etc) into Evernote before I make changes to systems I manage. That way I have them handy for quick access should I need to roll back changes. Using Evernote 3.3.0 for Mac. Any idea?
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