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HOWTO: Include time stamps?

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Is it possible to include a time stamp within a note using the Android client?

I know each new note has its own 'created' or 'modified' time stamp, but what I need is something like the time stamp you get when you press Ctrl + semicolon in Evernote for Windows. Because I have some notes that have to be updated regularly on-the-go and need to insert the time at each update.

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Yes, please add this function. I would find it very useful as I take field notes and have to do this manually all the time. BTW, I only need a date string not the time (but putting date & time would be better than nothing as time could be easily backspaced/delete the un-needed portion). Ideally the user could configure the default string to their liking.

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Agreed, that would be a great feature!


It pains me that my almost prehistoric first PDA (a HP 100LX) already had this feature (a slightly more meorable Ctrl-D), but somehow useful features seems to get lost in time in our digital society. Surely HP didn't patent it...

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Using tasker...

Create new system task and give it name like "timestamper"

choose Set Clipboard

in the text field put:


Create a profile - Application - and select evernote in app selection.

select the "timestamper" task.


go to evernote and paste.

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With Time Share for Android you can get a time stamp into the clipboard. In the next step you paste the time stamp into any textfield. After configuring Time Share, this function will be available from the statusbar! This is an easy way to get a timestamp into any of your applications where a time stamp is needed! There is also a trial version of Time Share.

Thanks a bunch. Your suggestion led me to buying and installing Time Share. The app takes care of this deficiency (the lack of a time stamp for everynote entries on android).

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