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  1. Are you talking about sharing from evernote into Astrid Tasks? As I remember that is a link to a webpage which takes way too much time to load sometimes. Secondly, I never figured out how to modify the note in the link/webpage. Do you know of a way? This is critical if you need to add follow up information to a note directly from the link.
  2. When I copy from anywhere to the clipboard and paste the information into a note there is always an extra leading space added to the front of what I pasted. Using Samsung Galaxy Note.
  3. Sorry, I know this doesn't help your situation; however I also have a Samsung Galaxy Note with AT&T and the latest version of Evernote downloads and works fine for me. Mine is the locked AT&T version. Is your locked or unlocked?
  4. Just thought I'd mention I love the new interface. And checklists look much better now too. Also, I like the you you can swipe to go back to the homescreen.
  5. Meshin Recall is a very nice app for setting reminders / creating events for Evernote notes. Glad somebody finally did this for Android.
  6. +1 on date/time stamp. I need it for my customer service entries.
  7. As far as I know Evercalendar forces you to see all your notes on the calendar, not just the ones you want to see as a reminder.
  8. Evernote has been out for years, but no one has created a calendar in android that allows you to create a note in evernote and add the note to your calendar from evernote so it can be opened and edited from the calendar. This seems to me to be a basic desired feature for people that want to append their notes on certain dates for example after a customer service call. Tusk Tools did a nice job of creating this feature, but unfortunately it is Windows based, not an android app. Meshin Recall does not have this feature, I mentioned it to them, but they have not added it to the program.
  9. Evernote does not convert speech to text on my HTC Evo 4G. I even tried going into Speech to Text through the help menu (lightbulb icon), but it still does not work.
  10. This would be a giant step toward me being able to morph evernote into a GTD program. For my application it would be one step shy of giving reminders to the notes directly in evernote. One of my biggest applications for evernote is to use it to store customer and sales leads information. I need to set reminders on when to follow up with these people and then always append the note after my follow up (even if I only get their voice mail). Currently there is no user friendly way to do this. The current evernote Android share feature only shares the URL to calendars and the URL takes a long time to load on my phone (too long to make it of any use). In addition, I don't know of any way to append the note from the URL. Either setting reminders for my customers and sales leads directly in evernote or sharing a note link to my calendars which would take me directly to my note would be extremely useful for my application.
  11. I downloaded from Android Market and don't see it anywhere. Evernote is on phone, not SD card. How do I find the Widget? Edit: Never mind, I see that I need to use the Add to Home menu option from the home screen to find it.
  12. I vote (again) for note links in Android Mobile version. I have it on my Windows version on my laptop, but mobile is needed too.
  13. I'm wondering if OneNote for Android has native ability to set due dates for a note (without using Outlook). I sure wish evernote had this capability so I could stop looking around for an app that does.
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