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  1. Of course, why didn't I think of that 😉 I'll try it out next week if/when it pops up again.
  2. Well I got a reply from support. They... understand my annoyance suggest I disable all notifications (which will disable reminders as well) will pass the suggestion to disable the lonely message notification on to the developers Fingers crossed...
  3. There you go. Received another one of these notifications today on my Android phone. Thing is I'm sure I created a note on that phone only yesterday, so it seems these notifications just pop up weekly whatever I do. I submitted a support ticket and I'll update this thread if I learn more...
  4. This is very annoying. Especially because I'm a fairly heavy user, but mostly on the desktop. So after a week of heavy Evernote use I get this silly message about my notes feeling lonely on my Android phone. Please make this nonsense optional, limited to free accounts or at very least look at the global activity and not at a single app.
  5. I tried the default font trick, but the problem is that the note will use the default font on the other devices. And I switch devices a lot. Several PC's, an iPad and an Android phone. You can't set the default font on an iPad AFAIK (there's not a lot of configuration possible on that platform). So if I want to review code that I copy/pasted on a PC on an iPad it's reverted to a proportional mess So the only thing that works now is to change the font to Courier or similar every time, which involves more clicking and scrolling than it should (even with the C trick).
  6. I'm a programmer so I like to use EN for code snippets and database tables (basically text columns). The problem is that these look terrible in a proportional font. So I have to change the font, not a big deal, you might say. But I probably have a hundred fonts installed on my PC and I have to scroll through a lot of them to find Courier New or another monospaced font. Please make this easier. Surely, there's a lot of us coder types using EN. Suggestions: - Make a quick list at the top of the font list with the fonts I use most. - Make the default font selection so that a note created with
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