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  1. Wow, I didn't know it was this easy. Thanks a lot!
  2. Hi, I want to create numbered lists with extra information under each item. Please see the attached file for an example of what I want. Can lists like these be created with Evernote for Mac? Thanks!
  3. Yeah, but many users (including myself) have the habit of sending all new notes to one notebook (called "Inbox" for example) and tagging/assigning to a different notebook thereafter. So it'd be much useful for many if there was a way to toggle this behavior.
  4. Yes, if you use Dolphin browser (which is the best out there, IMO) you can install the Evernote share addon for Dolphin. Also, when I need to clip only the selected area, I go Share->Evernote and it creates a new note with the clipped content.
  5. +1 for the request. This is a feature I badly miss in the android client.
  6. Thanks, Ubaid. Yes, this is a major feature missing in the android app. Hope they'll add the functionality soon.
  7. I've been using Evernote on my Galaxy Note for about two months now. Loving it coz it gives me more room to read my study notes and the feeds I've redirected to EN. A good change from the small and cluttered screens of other phones. Also, making notes is easier (by typing), coz of the larger keypad. Anyway some Note-specific functionalities (like a larger 5x2 widget) will be welcome.
  8. Is it possible to include a time stamp within a note using the Android client? I know each new note has its own 'created' or 'modified' time stamp, but what I need is something like the time stamp you get when you press Ctrl + semicolon in Evernote for Windows. Because I have some notes that have to be updated regularly on-the-go and need to insert the time at each update.
  9. It's not a bug, just a feature. If you don't specify a title, it's automatically generated according to the note's content. If you need a title that wouldn't change with the content, manually add one. eg: When you've opened a note, press F2. That will take you to the Title field. Type a title you like and press Enter to go back to note's content. This new title won't change even if you deleted all content of the note. Anyway I also wish there was an option to make the cursor go straight to the Title field instead of the content when creating a new note.
  10. This is an option I'd like to see as well. Nope, it creates a note in the notebook which is currently open in Evernote main window.
  11. Thanks both of you! It seems that F2 takes you to the title wherever you are and Tab or Enter takes you to the content. Life just became easier. And Scott, the notebook you linked to seems to be quite handy. Thanks a lot!
  12. When I create a new note, the cursor is automatically put into the note content. To edit the title, I have to manually click on the note title bar. Is it possible to make Evernote focus on the note title once a new note is created? If not, is there a keyboard shortcut to switch to the note title quickly?
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