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  1. Yes, it looks like they sold us a 'bill of goods' with the one click. It's simply not there. The browser is ok, but pointless without the Evernote clipper. You can't even use EverClip with it. That's what I use when I'm using Chrome or the stock Android browser. I use the Evernote Add-on when I use the Dolphin android browser. I've tried contacting the company and so far have not received any response. Are they still even in business?
  2. I just switched computers and had to move local notebooks from the old computer to the new computer. The problem is that ALL of my links in the my local notebooks were broken. Nothing worked with basically was going to render Evernote useless since I rely heavily on links. This after I exported my local notebooks in .enex format and did the import. However, I did come up with a solution. Sorry guys, no Apple products are allowed in this household. Windows/Android only! The following is for Windows Do a final sync on the old computer Exit Evernote. Be sure to go to the System tray and exit Evernote services from there also Navigate to the %appdata% path on the computer (if you don't see an Evernote folder, back up one level to try the 'Locals' folder) Copy the entire Evernote folder and subfolders out to a holding area (external drive, usb drive, network drive, etc.) On the new computer, be sure Evernote is NOT running nor the services Navigate to the %appdata% path on the computer (if you don't see an Evernote folder, back up one level to try the 'Locals' folder) Copy the folder you exported earlier right over the folder you currently have. Select 'overwrite' all files. Restart Evernote on the new computer. It took a few seconds for it to reload. I guess it figured out something was wrong and probably did an autofix. On my computer, I had to relog into Evernote because it wouldn't properly sync, but afterwards everything worked including local links.I will probably discuss this with Evernote tomorrow.
  3. I have exactly the same problem. It is grabbing auto title events from the latest calendar event I added.
  4. +1 on this request. We really need a date/time stamp icon, shortcut, or something to keep track of on going conversations or events.
  5. How do I post a new topic?

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