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  1. Hey Wern -- not sure where I find the "STRNG key" -- I'm running on a Win7 laptop. I make extensive use of tags and my "tag tree" is quite long -- takes some time to scroll throught the whole mess. Scott -- THAT'S the ticket! Just what the shepherd ordered! I had used the "multiple tagging" facility previously, but had not extrapolated how you could access JUST already-applied tags and "copy" them. Thank you!
  2. I very often want to apply exactly the same tags to a new note as I have already affixed to an old note(s). Is there some way to copy multiple tags and then paste them onto a nopte?
  3. First -- add my vote to including time stamping to EN Android. Second -- THANK YOU! It was in this thread that I discovered "Ctrl + semicolon in Evernote for Windows" inserted a time/date stamp. Very Neat!
  4. I've been using EN for almost two years and am about to set my not-so-techie wife up with her own account -- she's decided she wants to digitize the family recipes handed down to her from her Mom and Nana -- a box full of 3x5's and scraps of paper. I have MY EN installed on my laptop, and she'll have her's on HER laptop -- I'm not expecting much confusion there. But, how will it work on the single iPad 2 that we both share? I alreadxy have the EN app on the tablet. Do we somehow have to set up a 2nd install? ...or is this the sort of thing where we use the single app but must log in individually? Sorry, I know this is most likely a REAL NEWBIE question. But, like I said, my wife is non-tech and for years I was the only one in the house who would even TOUCH a compouter so I never had to mess around with multiple user accounts logins and such. I'd dive in and just try to go on this but I've recently had some sync problems with EN and so am a bit gun-shy about creating trouble. Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions! Jim Bristol, Maine USA
  5. Hi Fellow Foodies: A few years ago I went through a "collecting recipes thing" -- did some research about chossing the best software in which to store all my treasures, and wound up using a program called AccuChef (mostly because of the slick Wizard it had for copying recipes from websites). Anyway, I've since become an avid Evernote user, and now my wife has decided she wants to move HER recipes -- a collection of 3x5 cards, scribbled on scraps of paper inherited from her Mom and Nana, copied/pasted websites laser-printed 8 1/2 x 11's, etc. into digital recipe storage. Her first digitizing priority at this point is the assimilation of her "family recipes" = handwritten 3x5s and paper scraps -- she's prepared to type them in from scratch. Questions: --------------------------- 1) Has anyone had any experience moving their recipe collection back and/or forth to/from Evernote and any of the many recipe programs available? 2) Many of the recipe programs out there automatically deal with fractions typed in as "2 1/2 C." or "3 1/4 T." rather than "2.5" or "3.25". Does anyone have any thoughts about a "standard" to adopt to minimize confusion and maybe ease sharing and/or moving recipes to different software? 3) My wife does not as yet have any experience with Evernote. I'm thinking that I might set up a "recipe template" to help her keep things organized while she's typing. E.g. Recipe Title: # Served: Description: Ingredients: Instructions (stepbystep): Info: ...any thoughts? Thank you for any thoughts and conversation! Jim, Bristol, Maine USA
  6. A lot of my EN notes are in the pdf format. I'm hoping more experienced users will share their thoughts about which is the best "pdf app" to use in conjunction with Evernote. In Evernote for Android when I open a note that's in the pdf format I see a gray "Attachment" rectangle showing the a pdf filename (e.g. "RggKnivesBrenner.pdf"). The "Complete action using" ?? window opens. I had been using something called "PDF to Go" rather than "Quickoffice", but it would often crash -- "Force Close" or "Report" I have recently re-installed the official Adobe "Adobe Reader" and it seems to be playing nicely with the EN pdfs. Is there a better option? I see there is a Repligo Reader (Cerience.com $4.99) for Android. I know Repligo from long ago in my Palm Pilot years. Does anyone have experience with Repligo and Evernote on Android phones? On the PC desktop for the past few months I've been using Nitro Reader to access pdf's -- it's lighter than Acrobat. Jim
  7. That's how I've always felt. Okay, and now, for whatever reason, the pdf's I have "noted" into EN are NOT BEING SYNCED! ??? I've clicked on "Note History" and am being informed that the notes haven't yet been synced. I'm advised to sync Evernote and "try again" ???!!! Other notes I've created/clipped SINCE the pdf's in question HAVE been synced! HELP!
  8. Well, you are a premium member (fast OCR processing) and you have the document, so give it a try yourself. Just keep in mind, that Evernote does character recognition to help you search quickly for a word. They call it a searchable document. It will not actually create a literal word-for-word output of your document. I think I've already initiated a "test" in a sense. Yesterday I created several notes which are (were) image-based pdfs (jpg' scans which, using PDF Creator, I converted to pdf's). I have synced Evernote probably half a dozen times in past 24 hours. As far as I can tell there has been no change in the make-up of the notes. The "searchable document" -- are you able to select individual words? copy them?
  9. I'm a Premium User but have never really paid much attention to Evernote's ability to convert "image based" pdf's into text-based "searchable" documents. But, now I've come up with a real need to "get the the text data out" of a number of "image" pdf's. I 've had mixed experience with OCR software in the past -- it's EXHAUSTING to scan through an OCR'd doc trying to catch all the errors, I'm hoping that Evernote will provide a solution. Question: is a pdf like this a "possible" for text-I-fication?
  10. I've "voted" for this in other threads but feel the need is important enough to again throw my ballot into the mix. Evernote Folks! We really need to be able to "link" to individual notes ...this is especially important within Evernote. Please! Thanks!
  11. Oh WoW! Well-implemented nested folders would be a killer add for Evernote! YES PLEASE!
  12. Okay! I'm relatively new to Evernote -- did not take me very long to decide that I must/should/needed to upgrade to Premium. I have to admit I have been distressed to discover that there is apparently no way to link to individual notes, either from within Evernote notes/notebooks OR from other documents. Has there been any change in the situation since late April?? I went back and listened to as many of the old Evernote podcasts as I could. There was always lots of discussion about how Evernote was soon going to be ported to whatever was the newest phone OS and how it had been newly translated into this or that eclectic foreign languages. I am by definition, an "Old *****". And, I don't want to sound too crabby and selfish, but I'm hoping that "spreading the love" does (has) not become too much more important than increasing the quality of the program. Jim
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