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Popular Notebooks and tags ... and then Business Cards


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What are some of the most popular notebooks or tags you have used and seen in your EN experience?

I am looking to use tagging(or using notebooks) as a way or organizing my to do list and other organizational things. I have a 1/hot, 2/warm, 3/cold notebooks where I qualify how important each to do is. Looking for other tips to add to my foundation. Thoughts

I set up an ifttt task so that any gmail I get that I "star" goes directly to my Inbox in EN. This will help me not miss or forget emails. Of course I can also use the email to Evernote feature as well, but this one is quicker for some things. Anyone have any other cool ifttt tasks they set up to go with EN?

I also created a separate notebook just for business cards with certain tags on each business card (a picture is included) to describe what organization each person is a part of. Right now, I also have each business card tagged with "business card" but I may change that. Any tips on this?


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Two notebooks I use the most:

"@action" has the things I'm working on right now, which have not been completed.

"@phone-log" is where I put written/typed notes of voicemail. I keep them for a while until they are resolved, when the info is then added to my CRM.

Hope that helps!

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For todo list i use the something like the following tags :

  • @Priority
  • @Review
  • @Status
    Next Action
  • @Type

To review my todos I use the following Searches for to do list:

Issues Pending tag:”:Issues” -tag:”@Completed” -tag:”@Canceled”

Issues Pending Review – 0 Daily tag:”:Issues” -tag:”@Completed” -tag:”@Canceled” tag:”@Daily”

Issues Pending Review – 1 Weekly tag:”:Issues” -tag:”@Completed” -tag:”@Canceled” tag:”@Weekly”

Issues Pending Review – 2 Occasionally tag:”:Issues” -tag:”@Completed” -tag:”@ Canceled” tag:”@Occasionally”

I have more details at http://gieglas.com/4...ask-management/

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Evernote does not allow a negative search for notebooks. In other words, I cannot suppress an individual notebook during a search.

One of my hobbies is Politics - local, state, national, and international - so I've collect many web clippings of recent news.

My most used tag is the letter Z. I selected it because it is at the end of my tag list. Every note I have in my Political notebook is tagged with Z.

It serves just one purpose, but a very powerful purpose. I use it to suppress all my notes in my Political notebook. I add the following to any non-political searches. It has become second nature to me.


Example: If I want to find notes that mention a friend named George, (but not the former President), I will search for:

George -tag:z

And for weekly housecleaning, I run this saved search to find any political notes that slipped through without a Z tag.

notebook:Politics -tag:z
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I'd guess that each person's list of notebooks would be different, depending on their needs and organizational practices. But it's always cool to hear about what other people do, and maybe steal a good idea or two. ;)

Most of my notebooks are inherited from previous systems; this list of categories seems to do what I want without being too baroque (I hate having to stop and think "which notebook should I put this in?" Some are very useful for browsing. It would be possible to accomplish a lot of the same thing with tags, but I'm just not a tagger. Never got into the habit.

Anyway, here they are:

  • Agendas (note for each person/gorup I meet with regularly, for recording things to talk about)
  • Collections (lists of things I collect - have it, need it, etc - good for shopping)
  • CommonplaceBook (quotes, inspirational and otherwise)
  • Correspondence
  • Farleyfile (a note for each person I interact with, giving biographical details and note from each interaction)
  • Financial (all the money stuff)
  • Inbox (usually nothing in it)
  • Journal (a daily journal/scrapbook, one note per day)
  • Medical (just what you think)
  • Personal (kinda a catch-all category)
  • Photos (especially ones clipped from the web)
  • Projects (the GTD kind, one note for each)
  • Reading (books I've read - usually I take a picture of the cover with my phone)
  • Receipts (distinct from Financial - this is one place where I tag: tax-related receipts are tagged taxes20xx)
  • Reference (stuff to read or keep for reference, mostly clipped from websites)
  • Tweets (automatically archived from Twitter, I forget how)

I also have a few folders for specific areas of my life or specific ongoing projects:

  • AACPL (the library where I work)
  • Analog Columns (I write a book review column)
  • LSH (I'm a big Legion of Super-Heroes fan)
  • Writing (another place where I tag a lot, usually with the name of the book or project)

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With the recent server maintenance, I encountered the nightmare situation of having several hours without notes, so I have gone from one notebook to two in order to prevent future inconveniences from this kind of thing, lack of wifi access, etc.

1. notebooks? "OFFLINE" and "ONLINE". One for notes I keep on my iPad (offline) and one for everything else (online).

2. tags? None.

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