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  1. Wow! That's quite a collection! I like how you're using Evernote in conjuction with other programs. I wonder, did you already have all your recipes in a spreadsheet, or did you do that just to get them into EN?
  2. This is so inspiring (and my comment is a little late to the game), but wow, a Wiki. You've inspired me... I'm going to give this some thought to see how a wiki might help my brain!
  3. I do something similar with a @phone-log notebook. Easy way to track cancellations and conversations with service providers. Good habit to get into before you need it. I like your format!
  4. I like this too. I also snap pics of things like printer toner, the inside of lamp (for those crazy lightbulb numbers I can never remember!) and parts for things around the house that may be inconvenient for a "show & tell" at the hardware store. Super easy to just snap a picture. Thanks for sharing!
  5. What an awesome idea! You could really use this for a lot of different people. A Christmas/Holiday gift list? Thanks for sharing!
  6. Two notebooks I use the most: "@action" has the things I'm working on right now, which have not been completed. "@phone-log" is where I put written/typed notes of voicemail. I keep them for a while until they are resolved, when the info is then added to my CRM. Hope that helps!
  7. So, the consultant in me has to ask: How much of that is actually needed? Are you overcomplicating your life by scanning it all?
  8. I've not used Evernote as a calendar (and this is the first I'd heard of it.) I look at Evernote like the "Notes" section in a paper planner (yes, old school.) It has a different purpose. This is an interesting thought though!
  9. Zaythe, Maybe it will help to think of it this way: Notebooks are the main structure you use to organize notes, and are great for the visual aspect of organizing your notes. I think of them like a Table of Contents. Tags are a great way to get down to the granular organizing of your notes. I think of them like a glossary. Does that make sense?
  10. This is awesome! Isn't it fun to find what you need in less than five minutes (seconds?) So, I wanted to suggest to look into using Shoeboxed to get all those piles of paper scanned in FOR you. Oh yeah, that is a beautiful thing. Here's the info, since Shoeboxed is in the Evernote Trunk: http://evernote.com/about/trunk/items/shoeboxed?lang=en&layout=default&source=home Hope that helps!
  11. Loving that article. He makes a good point, that needs to be said. Too many times, people "over organize" and it becomes a distraction rather than a tool. Or worse, it doesn't get done (organizing), guilt and procrastination ensue, and self-worth takes a dive. No good. Loving where this is heading...
  12. Not stupid at all! I would put those changes in parentheses so you know the difference from the original. Just open the note and edit away.
  13. I have captured handwritten notes for phone calls, but most of the time, I have my headset on and take typed notes in my "@phone-log" notebook. It's a good record to have with clients and sales. I guess the thought hadn't occured to me to send the actual voicemail over. I can easily see notes I have taken in the past to refer to in the next conversation with that person. That's how I use it.
  14. Couldn't you print the QR codes on mailing labels? You'd just need a word processor. Most everyone already has that.
  15. This is really great info! You can also "stack" notebooks, which is what I do instead of tags. Here's the bit on the site that tells you a bit more about it: https://support.evernote.com/ics/support/KBAnswer.asp?questionID=622&hitOffset=160+149+132+131+119+94+88+85+80+75+71+65+53+47+43+27+21+20+15+7+4&docID=3896
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